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    TNA has had a couple of stables run rampant through it over the years. LAX, the band, the main event mafia, Fortune and the current Aces and Eights for example. Some have been completely original ideas while some have payed homage to stables past.

    If TNA had to do a stable that was an homage to the WWE stable Evolution, who would you put in it? Some would argue that Fortune was TNA's evolution but I disagree, Fortune was the four horsemen, Flair and his cohorts more than it was Evolution. Evolution follows a simple structure, it was the best of past, present and future. Using two established stars to put two younger guys over. So who within TNA would you have fill these roles in the "Evolution of TNA"?

    For the past there is only one go to guy for me here. Jeff Jarrett. He has the credentials and mic skills to work this role. Work in a manager role as well as in a tag team with one of the new guys to help get him over.

    As for Present. Bobby Roode will be my pick here. It needs to be an established star who is at the top of his game and the card and Roode fits this perfectly. It would sort of play into the running joke of him being TNA's Triple H but we will have to live with that. He would work as the world champion and leader of the group. In case of Roode not being available I'd go with Angle.

    Now we come to the future. The two guys that will benefit from this the most. Our Orton and our Batista. The Orton part for me is easy. Magnus. He has the look, charisma and in ring chops to be a success. He will be a world champion some day and this would be a good way to solidify him in the main event. As for the other guy... here we can go two ways. If we want to build two future world champs from this I say Crimson. Like Magnus he fills out most if not all the criteria to be a success. But Evolution also worked since WWE had two world titles so they could push both new guys towards one. TNA only has one. If we just want a guy to be the enforcer of the group then I'd say Rob Terry. He would not need to do much, just tag with Jarrett and help the others win matches.

    So in short:
    Past - Jarrett
    Present - Roode/Angle
    Future 1 - Magnus
    Future 2 - Crimson/Terry.

    Who would be in your Evolution of TNA?
  2. Flair - Angle
    HHH - Roode
    Randy Orton - Magnus
    Batista - Crimson

    This was my first pick but since it's essentially yours I'll do a different one

    Flair - Angle
    HHH - Jeff Hardy
    Orton - Kenny King
    Batista - Matt Morgan
  3. Flair - Sting or Jarret
    HHH - Bobby Roode
    Randy Orton - Christian York
    Batista - Robbie T
  4. Sting, James Storm, Kenny King, and Crimson.
  5. Sting
    Aj Styles
    Matt Morgan
  6. I like this one, but I would change Orton to Magnus or Crimson personally. I would have Roode too but since it's a common pick heel Hardy is a great call.
  7. Past - Sting
    Present - Bully Ray
    Present - Bobby Roode
    Future 1 - Kazarian
    Future 2 - Velvet Sky
  8. Jarrett as Flair
    Roode/Aries as the 'current'
    Crimson as the future
  9. Sting Styles Bully ray Magnus
  10. I wouldn't do an Evolution ripoff in TNA if it was my life on the line. That stable was overrated, so I wouldn't like to do that kinda stuff in TNA, just no. My opinion.
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