If TNA starts booking at bigger stadiums can they become WWE level?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by William, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. I was just thinking that TNA is currently the best professional wrestling company in the world, So why aren't they at WWE's level?

    Is it because none of their talent is well known? Not really they have guys like Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy, Sting, Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle and on top of all them they have some of the best up and coming stars and some of the best indy wrestlers there is. So it's not that.

    Is it the commentary? It could be but I don't think the commentary will stop people from watching a great show! If Taz and Tenay showed more emotion and don't just act all :downer: the whole show it would seem a lot better. I mean Austin Aries breaking Roode's streak was a big deal! And the commentators were just like :finger: We're to cool to act suprised. If they got some better commentators or if the current ones show a little more emotion that could help but it wouldn't fix their problem..

    The last thing I thought was is it because they book in small arenas? And I think that could be the answer, At Slammiversary they looked like a big wrestling company. Why? Because they were in a big arena. Their normal shows just seem like an Indy Fed with HD Cameras and on tv. I think that if TNA got bigger stadiums to perform in and didn't stay in only the one spot they'd become more well known and they'd look better because they would have more people there.

    Does anybody else feel this way?
  2. Talent and quality doesn't automatically mean success. that's the way the world is. If they started going to large arenas, would they be able to fill them?
  3. They don't fill small arenas a lot of the time, so no, booking larger venues doesn't solve anything. It's all about exposure and marketing.
  4. Guess you guys are right...Any ideas on how you think TNA could get more exposure?
  5. Not really. Put more money into advertising campaigns is about all they can do at this point in my eyes
  6. They need to make TNA look bigger. Their commentary team is diabolical, they sound so low quality. The impact zone is a joke, how can you have your best PPV in that tiny shithole? The graphics are terrible. The advertising is terrible (possibly due to lack of funds), their marketing in general is poor. The answer to this question used to be "Because TNA does too many retarded things", which they did, but now they're on the ball, we'll just have to wait and see where it takes them.
  7. the thing wayyyyyyy too many people fail to realize is that TNA is doing extraordinary. They are 10 years old, and universally recognized as the #2 wrestling promotion globally. These things take time, you don't just roll out of bed and wake up on WWE's level.
  8. stop being so crap at advertising :lol1:
  9. We got a fucking genius right here :haha:
  10. :jericho:
  11. Advertising is one of the first ways to fix that. And it doesn't have to cost much. Social media is a great way to start and get that initial buzz, once that works and they get more revenue from more people watching their shows they can start doing more TV ads.
  12. A simple change of arenas and cities might make a small impact, by adding more fans from around the country, but nothing big enough to put them onto WWE's level. And that's kind of sad, considering that WWE is in one of it's weakest times in history at the moment. What they should do is start taking advantage of the tag team division some more, as WWE i currently shit there. After the tag division, they could build new superstars from there. Even then they might not be on their opponent's level. :haha:
  13. Advertising costs a ton. Television ads anyway. They already whore social networks.
  14. 1.) WWE is only at a weak point from a product/booking standpoint. Yea, most smarks hate the current product, but from a business perspective WWE is still kicking ass and taking names
    2.) TNA has an even weaker tag division than WWE at this point. They no longer have Beer Money, the Guns, or any of the teams that used to make that division worth a damn. And they also don't need it to make new stars. Aries is the hottest thing in wrestling right now and TNA built him up in just 1 year's time.
    3.) Again, people expect too much from TNA. This company is 10 years old and WWE has been around forever. WWE is the #1 thing people think about when they think pro wrestling. To try and act like it's some sort of slight against TNA that they aren't on WWE's level is nonsensical
  15. If they advertise and get bigger events then yes. WWE started small they just need the investors to take a chance. TNA could even do better if they do not go PG.
  16. The only way they're gonna reach WWE levels is to create new fans, which means putting on a great product for a long time. Just going to bigger arenas isn't gonna automatically fill them or something. It'd help a lot of they could get lucky and land upon a really hot angle, like WCW did with the NWO.
  17. WCW was already big time before NWO, and WWF didn't have nearly the stranglehold on the wrestling game back then compared to now.
  18. I meant that was when WCW had their hottest streak, though. Up until about 1999/2000. And yes, TNA has it even harder because they are not as established as WCW was, and WWE is bigger than they've ever been. But hitting upon a hot angle would help increase business and be the first steps in becoming what looks like a legitimate competitor for WWE, not just having the event in larger arenas.
  19. Yeah I didn't think of what you guys said. TNA has done pretty damn well to become the 2nd best company in the world. Or the 2nd most known company in the world at the moment.
  20. They get a lot of advertising from Spike, during several of their shows Spike shows "Impact Wrestling: Thursday, 8/7c". That's all they get, and on it's own that's fine... but can you name one other show on Spike TV? Nobody watches that channel, pretty sure they get most of their ratings from people flipping past it. Shoot, after TNN re-named themselves and branded themselves "TV for Guys", WWE left their asses, so did half their fans, and even some television providers. If they could get on a real network, that would help.

    Also, just within the Viacom family of networks there are several good places to advertise. They own CMT, so James Storm can appeal to them. Stick Tessmacher and Velvet Sky on MTV. Maybe throw Eric Young on Comedy Central (actually please don't). They have Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam... can't see how they aren't relevant enough to draw ratings from you in an ad campaign as long as you throw the TNA Originals in there too.
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