WrestleMania If Triple H actually loses on Sunday

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Apr 4, 2013.

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    On topic but comical comic is on topic

    Although unlikely there is a chance that Triple H might lose the match on Sunday. And after that theoretical scenario, then what? What kind of role on screen does the Game move onto? Will he move directly into a role of power like GM or comissioner? Or will he manage an up and coming star (one of his pet projects). What will happen?

    Let's discuss this scenario here. What happens with Triple H if he loses at wrestlemania?
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  2. HHH would leave for a few months and be sort of forgotten. Then on a random raw they would make up a position for him like Raw Assistant GM so he can clash with Lesnar and so on.
  3. I'd mark so hard. :robbie:
  4. He'd leave for a few months, I think. Then I'm not sure, probably an authority figure.
  5. Remember the Matt Hardy firing angle from 2010? Or the Cena firing angle from 2010?

    That, except with a few months in between the firing and the popping up as an intruder instead of the next f*cking week
  6. If he loses he'll still be the COO, doesn't matter at all but I think he'll win
  7. I'm presuming he won't be seen for months until he is reintroduced into a storyline as the GM or something like that. I reckon he'll be kayfabe running the show as a face, and then they would use his heel turn to elevate a new babyface. Though, saying that, how would HHH fight this babyface eventually if he has retired in the ring? I'm not a fan of career ending matches, because eventually it might make sense for them to have one more match*, and then we would all jump on the logic bandwagon and call WWE out for not obeying the stipulation.

    *If they want to, it makes sense, and are in good shape that is.
  8. Reminded me of when I gave a fuck for Drew, good times.

    Anyway is that Miz in the OP? If so they've really over shot his body type. Anyway hopefully he just goes backstage for years to come, I'd be cool with sparodic COO apperances but we don't need one every week. Let a GM have a good run for a few years, Heyman would be a good pick no idea how but still.
  9. Trips should be like VKM used to be running the show with sporadic appearences. An whoever mentioned Heyman as GM great idea. He needs as much input as possible into the product guy can work wonders.
  10. He should have Motorhead play. Whether he retires or not.
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