Hell in a Cell If Undertaker loses...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Oct 18, 2015.

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  1. Where will that leave him? What the heck will he do inside the company? I mean Brock can easily go on to feud with almost anyone and make it good but the Undertaker... meh
  2. Taker's losing this one, I think. Then he'll disappear and then appear during Mania season to begin a feud in what would be his last ride.
  3. Retirement is the next step after Lesnar destroy's him.
  4. He is going to be in the hospital for a long time.
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  5. Lesnar has the majority of the wins and the only win Undertaker has is a dirty/controversial one. I doubt they will have him lose this, but if he does it will probably lead him to leaving and returning for his HOF induction at his home town.
  6. The only way i can see Taker winning is if Vince plans on having him around for Survivor Series and maybe TLC for possible WWE title shot or a Brothers of Destruction angle perhaps.

    I personally think Brock is going to make Taker tap clean to the Kimura Lock. That way its just another dominating accomplishment added to his resume.

    Im concerned to even watch the match because I feel like Taker isn't gonna walk away the same. He's gonna end up with a severe injury like Sting.
  7. I used to like Undertaker but these one and done matches piss me off. lol
  8. Taker was my favorite wrestler growing up but he needs to retire now. He is getting too old for this shit.
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  9. The Undertaker does what the Undertaker pleases.
  10. Brock didn't just pass out at SS and technically lose to just lose again at HIAC. Brock is winning this one. It'll take a lot but he's gonna win. And why do people keep thinking that just because sting got hurt, taker will get hurt? Sure, the odds of taker getting hurt have increased because of age, but the guy is obviously cleared by docs to do this match, so relax.

    Brock has been losing enough lately and I guarantee that taker isn't here just to pin Brock. It's to truly put him over and make up for the piss poor match we saw at mania 30. The only chance taker has of winning this one is of someone interferes... That's it.
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  11. I agree about everything else, but this? :rock2:

    Bork is basically God amongst men, he hasn't suffered a CLEAN loss in a long time.
  12. I count Brock at mania as a loss. His match against Seth basically a loss. And now SS. He is a God, yes, but he need this win.
  13. Brock was protected at Mania, hence why Reigns ate the pin.
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  14. Protected, yes. But a loss, yes. My point is that he hasn't won in a while and yet is seen as the biggest entity in WWE history. He needs this win over taker. And if they give it to taker, I riot.
  15. Taker's win against Brock was his only one and it's likely his last. Brock will go down in history as the only man who Taker couldn't conquer.

    Taker used heel tactics to win at SS, but at HIAC, Bork is taking his ass to Suplex City.
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  16. There is zero reason as to why Taker should win this. And after they put over Brock as the bigger bad-ass at Summerslam, why would they put The Dead Man over as the winner here? The only reason I can see Taker walking out of this victorious is if they plan on having him fight Seth Rollins for the championship at Survivor Series, seeing as how this year's SS is the 25th anniversary since Taker's debut, and Seth going from one monstrous brother to the next would be a cool transition. But I don't see that happening.

    Edge4ever is right. Brock hasn't eaten a clean loss in over two and a half years, but he still hasn't had the pleasure of walking into a big PPV match and walking out with the decisive victory since the Royal Rumble. Seth left with his title at Wrestlemania, Undertaker stopped him from winning it back at Battleground, and the time keeper being a retard prevented him from having an official win over Taker via tap out at Summerslam. Think maybe it's about time he actually won a big marquee match again, especially since he just turned babyface earlier this year.
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