If Undertaker misses out Wrestlemania

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JeebaK, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. We all know that wwe are heading for
    Brock vs Tripple H Rematch
    Taker vs Punk
    Rock Vs Cena II

    at Wrestlemania.

    But reports are that Undertaker isnt healing fast, and is most likely to miss out on Wrestlemania this year.

    If he does miss out Wrestlemania this year, what do you guys want to happen? Who should face who?

    Some people are saying
    Rock vs Cena
    and Brock vs Punk

    Thats great and all, but i dont want Punk to turn face so soon.

    So imo it should be

    Punk vs Cena for the WWE title
    and Rock vs Brock

    Punk faces Rock at Elimination chamber, where the shield once again interferes and tries to make punk win, but once again rock fight back to almost get the victory, when paul heyman calls his final trump card, brock lesner. He comes and F5s Rock through the announce table while the referee is down, then punk gets the win and wins the title.

    Next day at RAW Rock gets his rematch against Punk, only for Lesner to interfere again and destroy Rock, the referee is forced cancel the match due to disqualification, Rock gets the win due to disqualification, but punk keeps the title, since the title doesnt change hands unless the match is won by pin or submission.

    John Cena , the rumble winner, decides to face punk for the title, the guy who won it from him in the first place.

    And Rock fights against Brock to get his revenge. Brock says hes the best MMA wrestler of all times and stuff like that, so it will also kind of be a Best in WWE vs Best in MMA, which will add more heat.

    This way we still have two great matches and Punk can still stay heel.

    As for Tripple H, he can find a partner and fight the Shield in a 2 on 3 Handicap match maybe. Maybe with Ryback?
    Or tripple H can fight against one member of the shield, while the other two fights against Team Hell No and wins the title from them.

    I would still like to see a Goldust vs Cody Rhodes match, might be a good way to kickstart Cody Rhodes back in limelight.

    Jericho vs Ziggler is going to happen, and Jericho is prob going to loose again, i just hope they get atleast 20 - 30 mins of match time, and make it a TCL match or something.

    I also see a fatal four way match Big Show vs Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton happening.
  2. If Taker does miss Wrestelmania there's a 90% chance it's gonna be Punk vs Cena vs Rock for the WWE title
  3. Cena is winning anyway :sad:
  4. I think we'll have Cena/Rock/Punk if Taker misses out, they seem to really want to have HHH/Lesnar.
  5. I wouldn't mind at all with a punk/rock/cena at WM
  6. Who cares. lolcenawins
  7. We'll get Rock/Cena/Punk at Wrestlemania regardless of whether Taker wrestles or not, I'm sure. Cena beating both guys in a triple threat match to win the belt sounds likely after his promo on Raw about how he couldn't beat either guy so the odds are against no matter who he faces at WM.

    Vince being put out of commission is a way for Triple H to come back onto the show as the COO. This will likely lead to HHH/Brock II (which I'm starting to mind less and less) but I still hope there's a chance it leads to Taker/Brock instead. Maybe Triple H eventually admits that he can't beat Brock (to put him over even more as a monster) but he knows someone who can and will - the guy he threw everything at two times in a row and couldn't beat, the guy his best friend gave his best at two times in a row but couldn't beat either and even lost his career to him, the guy no one at Wrestlemania has ever been able to beat - the Undertaker. And those 'reports' saying Taker and/or WWE doesn't the match simply because they don't think Taker can handle a very physical match with Brock? lol, just lol. Taker has wrestled two very physical matches the last two WM events, I think he can deal with Brock.

    If we were gonna get Rock/Brock because of a Brock interference, I'm sure the interference would have occurred at the Rumble. If Punk was gonna walk into Wrestlemania as champ, it would only make sense for him to walk in with his record title reign.
  8. You were correct, if you didn't forget that Brock Lesnar and Taker have some serious issues with each other in personal life. I don't think Lesnar would want to work with a guy he can't stand...
  9. :lol: lesnar also had some issues with ryback. Troublemaker. More fun to watch
  10. money talks :pity1:
  11. I doubt Taker and Brock have issues with each other, or if they did, they've put it behind them. That UFC confrontation in October 2010 was set up as a way of gaining publicity for a possible WM27 match (lame cause it wouldn't have kept up with the mystique of the Dead Man gimmick) but Dana White wouldn't allow it to happen.

    Brock/Triple H also had issues with each other but they've put it aside to work with each other, obviously.
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