If United lose tonight, has Moyes' regime of terror come to an end?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Mar 19, 2014.

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  1. One of the more credible English newspapers claim that if United do not get past Olympiakos, then Moyes will be sacked. There is reportedly a sense of awkwardness within his staff and United officials due to increased anticipation of him losing his job.

    Personally, I'm close to wishing the one thing a fan should never wish - a negative result which, for the long term, benefits the club, if Moyes is going to be sacked for it. However, I know for a fact my fan instincts will prevail and I'll be cheering United on until the last whistle. Regardless of the drama, do you guys think this game or the next three games (as is being reported by some papers) will determine his future? Do you think the United board will continue to back him next season if we lose tonight, lose badly against City, and miss out on even the Europa league?

    It's probably wise to note that if United do decide to back David Moyes into next season that they have to back him financially with a reported 150-200m up for grabs. Would the owners and backroom staff really be confident of giving such a vast amount of money to David Moyes?

    IMO: tonight won't determine his future, but I think if the season continues like it has, then he'll be gone come the end of the season. I just do not see United's infamously tight owners and backroom giving him the financial backing required when he has made so many errors already.
  2. Well they signed him to a 6 year deal so that tells you that the Man U board were confident he would do well even if things did not so go well at the start. I thought Man U would struggle slightly at the start of the season but I did not expect just how bad their season is. I think he lost the dressing room months back and I think it shows, he has made mistakes yes such as tactics and the transfer thing at the start with the lack of signings.

    He could get the sack maybe not tonight but if they continue to lose and play like headless chicken then he is a shoe in. If they don't qualify for any European football then I think that will be the final straw as them not being in it would be embarrassing , depends if they finish the season on good form. I do think the buck does not just stop with Moyes though as some of those players are not good enough to wear the shirt and some are just under performing and thinking they are bigger stars then they are. Its a transition period no one said it was going to be easy,Its probably the hardest job in world football due to the legacy and mass appeal of the club.
  3. The 6 year contract is brought up quite a lot, and yes it was a signal of intent, but paying compensation is something United can quite comfortably afford. I know it damages the PR of the club if they sack him, as it pretty much goes against United's historic traditions, but I don't think anyone in world football would blame them for getting rid of him. United are listed on the stock exchange, they have big deals with big sponsorship's, and it's one of the biggest sports businesses on the planet, so there is a lot more at stake than sacrificing traditions.

    The players have been poor and yes some of them shouldn't be either in the starting eleven, or even in the squad, but you could put a lot of the blame on how Moyes is playing them. Let's say Juan Mata isn't a known world class player, and was someone Moyes brought in from some unknown club. Let's say he had no reputation. United fans would say "Yes, Moyes is retarded, but there are players like Juan Mata who just aren't good enough" - without a doubt, that would be the response if United fans judged Mata on his performances at United alone, and if he had no reputation. That is a pretty scary thing to think, that somebody like Juan Mata would get that kind of criticism, but that's just how important a manager is at a club. He can't get the best out of any of his players. That is the reason why I am so hesitant to put as much blame on the players as other people have done, especially when Moyes inherited last season's champions of England - a team by the way that could have won the league by a record points total.

    There are strong rumours of Van Gaal being the next United manager, as he has publicly stated many times that he wants to work in England, and only Tottenham and us are capable of providing him a job that warrants a manager of his stature. I, however, would MUCH prefer Klopp to be the guy we go for. I'd sacrifice £60m of player signings just to get that man.
  4. I agree its the managers job to get the best out of players,its a hard one if I was a fan of the club I would be saying get him out as well. If the players don't want to play for him then maybe its in the best interest of the club. Klopp and his Dortmund side play some attractive football and he has done a amazing job in turning around their fortunes. Moyes has always been known as a cautious manger and also I think the fact he has never really on anything as a manager, maybe it was a job to soon for him.
  5. He'll be there at the end of the season, whether or not he'll be manager by the start of the new season, I doubt it. Also the "aren't a sacking club" bit isn't necessarily true, if you go back you had 5 managers between 69-72, there was only really Ferguson and Busby who had significant managerial roles for a long period of time.
  6. I doubt they would've actually sacked him.
  7. Was Moyes really a reign of terror? I'm more of the thought of Moyes being a bumbling sidekick who took on more than he could chew.
    The Moyes era was a Mr. Bean comedy. This LVG era is the true reign of terror.
  8. Whoever was going to take over from Fergie was doomed, Moyes was quite a ambitious choice. Fans and media were all over him from the get go. He still made mistakes of course but it was never going to be easy. Treatment was a little harsh.

    Crayo perceived it as terror as a certain number of fans at a certain young age have witnessed a ridiculous amount of success, when it's taken away they overreact, which I suppose is a normal reaction to that I guess.

    This current Man U is a shambles, more money spent and a manager with a better cv.
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