If we get Henry/ADR...

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. Who would you want to come out of Wrestlemania with the title?
  2. None . Ziggler
  3. Del rio
  4. I don't see what people see in Mark Henry. He plays the monster gimmick well, but not so much that I even looked forward to his comeback, much less another world title run. I'd prefer Del Rio to win, and I suspect Ziggler will cash in on him after the match.
  5. ADR then Ziggler. Im down for a couple of months with that feud. I would watch that.
  6. It should be Y2J vs. Figger for the World Title! Figger cash in on Del Rio after he beat Big Show agin win the World Title and then Y2J should be in this Ec Match and win it to set up the match it would be a better draw for WM29. Herny been out for 9 month it would be retard to put him in a a WM World Title right when he come back.
  7. I'm a sucker for a great heel so I'd be interested in seeing Henry win the WHC. However, I think Dolph could be cashing in sometime soon so it could be a great match between Dolph/Henry as well.
  8. heel vs. heel at WM29 for the World Title!? YET NOT GOING TO WORK! It need to be Y2J vs. Figger at WM29 for the World Champion!
  9. Whose Figger? I've never heard of that superstar before...

    Why couldn't Ziggler turn face? And for the record, I'm not even saying this matchup is going to happen. All I'm saying is it could be interesting.
  10. Figger=Zigger Duh. And not FIgger turning face would be dumb just like miz turning face is dumb KNOW LIKE MIZ AS HE FUCKIN SUCK AS A WRESTLER! And people still hate him. and figger it not good either not as bad though but as a face he suck!
  11. The mark in me wants Henry to win. Loved his last title run. But I'm pretty sure he'll put ADR over, destroy him after the match and Ziggler will cash in.
  12. Henry going over 'Berto before losing the title at MITB to a face Ziggler. Would mark so hard for that fued.
  13. I want Del Rio to come out with the title, but he has to beat Henry fair and square. I would prefer it if he did it in a sudden manner because by size Del Rio would lose that match. This WM main event could put him over for good if the match is executed properly. It would be his equivalent to Cena/Show at WM 20.

    A Ziggler cash in at mania would make me jizz my pants though
  14. My man Henry.
  15. Fine with ADR going over in the obvious "Underdog Babyface goes over Monster Heel" match (the storyline we're all tired of seeing but would really establish ADR, plus ADR can actually pull it off unlike Cena), setting up Henry losing his shit and Ziggler cashing in at 'Mania.

    Do you think this should happen higher on the card than Jericho/Ziggler, or later? And we better get one last reign of terror from Mark Henry.
  16. If anything the size difference should mean Del Rio takes longer to beat Henry. The whole thing being that the longer the match goes the more tired and vulnerable Henry gets. I love when big vs small guy matches are booked like that.
  17. Will probably open the show. But if it is to be a true david vs goliath, it should go closer to the ME. But idk. Would love another reign of terror by Henry, yes.

    Yeah, that's how it should go. I think he should seal the deal with the Moonsault as well.
  18. Mark Henry. He was a beast as a heel, and I don't know why he is STILL hated by the IWC. The guy did an amazing work as a heel. Hope to see him back on that track again...
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