if wenger left arsenal would it be a good or bad for arsenal?

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  1. imo i think if wenger were to leave arsenal would only get worse imo and struggle to get in to europe therefore loose all their big players like wilshire arteta podolski walcott ect they're only in the cl because of wenger imo he has got them there consistantly over the last 14-15 years despite been written off year after year however they havn't won a single trophy in the last 8 years which a lot of fans think isn't good enough blaming wengers unwillingness to spend big on players or allowing big players leave like rvp and cesc

    So what do you think is wenger the right man for the job or should he GTFO!
  2. Good for Arsenal. His philosophy is outdated imo.
  3. Is that even a serious question?

    That fool should have left this poor club in 2008 and stopped embarrassing it the way he did. #GTFOWenger
  4. Disagree. Back then Wenger had next to no funds due to the cost of their new stadium, and was quite unlucky in a few seasons where they were serious challengers. Arsenal are proudly built on stability and are a club that does things the right way. Getting rid of him then would have been moronic and something no Arsenal fan would have wanted.

    Now he has no excuse. The club is richer than most and has zero debt. Income from the Cesc sale, Nasri sale, Clichy sale, Van Persie sale and numerous others aren't being reinvested in decent players; he is choosing to invest in potential. Investing in potential is fine and is a tactic Wenger normally excels at, but you do that if your current line up is already strong and is mixed with big stars and experienced players. For example, Manchester United.

    Wenger's philosophy of passing is great, but it isn't mixed with the power he once adopted with the invincible team and he seemingly has no idea what "pressing" actually is. The fact Arsenal lose so frequently now to the bigger sides is a big indication that he gets it wrong more than what is acceptable, and the door has to be opened for his departure.
  5. looking back at the players they've had there team could of been amazing if they stayed


    You could argue that they had a better team back then though and i think one of the main problems they have is the young players don't have any senior players to look up to like man utd and chelsea do they either have left or retired wheres man u have giggs and scholes still around
  6. They did have a better team back then and were unlucky not to win the title or other silverware. He definitely didn't deserve to lose his job back then like Testify said.

    You're right, they have literally no experience around them.
  7. Also i think they spent well last summer in getting giroud podolski and carzola its a step in the right direction they should of kept song though or replace him
  8. I disagree personally. Cazorla was a good buy, but Podolski and Giroud were unproven. Sure Podolski has loads of caps but he didn't succeed in Germany with the best team in the league, so how could be succeed in England? He has been incredibly inconsistent and certainly isn't world class. Giroud has a ton of potential and is a decent finisher -- when he wants to be -- so only time will tell if that's a decent buy.

    But for the current squad, replacing the best striker in the world (RVP) with Giroud and Podolski wasn't smart. He should have been more ambitious.
  9. Obviously if you compare them to rvp they have no chance but if you look at their stats giroud has 11 in 19 and podolski has 14 in 28 with 10 assists not a bad start tbh
  10. I have several friends who are gunners fans, and they seem torn on this, they love Wenger for what he has done for the club, but they all agree something needs to happen to give the club a kick up the arse (no intentional pun)

    my view is that i think Arsene should walk, is time is kind of up there, his current view is that top 4 is good enough, ask him that when he was running the invicibles, he would have laughed at you, i think he has been there too long now and they could do with a fresh perspective, he has been building for the future for way too long with no real improvement

    He has got some decent players, but if you were an Arsenal fan, you would be thinking of a title challenge, or a cup win every season, wo out of their current team gets in a top quality squad, certainly none of the back 5 for a start, and as guess only 3 elsewhere, wiltshere, walcott and carzorla
  11. Yeah their records aren't bad, but they don't offer anything really to the game. Giroud's goals have come in bursts and holding the ball up is something he should be better at. He doesn't bring other people into play and has a few shock misses in him. Podolski is another one who scores in bursts and is either very good or very bad; he's just inconsistent. Wenger always wants to go for the potential but ideally they needed a complete product as they keep selling their other complete products. Huntelaar for example; they could have gone for him.
  12. You're a backpedalling human crouton.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Maybe he stays a little more but if he goes, it depends on the one that takes his place, soy maybe is bad. I love Wenger's way to train Arsenal, also some of the great players are there. Cazorla for example
  15. True but doubt they fit wengers criteria (age ,wage demands ,transfer fee ect) i think they should try get henry back he showed last year he still has it
  16. If Wenger leaves Arsenal, Arsenal would be struggling to get a europa compitition place, let alone champions league place.

    Wenger cant do much with the money thats given to him. And when you actually look at clubs like Liverpool that have spent millions of dollars and are in big debts, Arsenal have been doing good financially. If Wenger leaves, most of the good players in the club will leave too, he carries what little prestige the club has left. He cant do much more with the money thats given to him. Atleast they play good football.


    The manager doesnt decide the transfer budget, the chairman does.
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