If WWE Gave The IWC Control For A Month.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Aug 14, 2013.

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  2. Omg, he betrayed us. You were in another wrestling forum
  3. lol'd, Havent signed up was just browsing threads. I couldnt stand that place and its shit software.
  4. I'd Have Brock lesnar win all the titles, form a stable called "Beast Steel Stallions" with a manager of Rob Van Damn and then I'd have Cena Feud with Big E, Ziggler Feud with Big show, Henry joins the shield as a bodyguard----the next thing i would do, is allow 90s kids to have their own stable on interactive TV for 4 weeks obviously against 80s kids in a feud that would "divide the universe" for those generations of course. I would then have The Wyatt family disrupt every single TV interview their is, make them "own the night" on a weekly basis, to show superiority with their own "Wyatt Haunted House" placed in the right side of the entrance way, for the PPVs i would match Brock defend his titles, losing each of the minor titles and holding the major titles for as long as he can, he would "own the competition" as much as possible and reek havoc, being the biggest beast their is. each of the shows would end with a secret promo advertising "something catastrophic----destination R.E.S.T" for an appearance by the undertaker to get eventually put up his streak and lose to............ STING (if i could sign him) or Brock to claim the streak for good, and sell brock like a cena "everyone loves him" but "so few hate him" or something lol i think i got carried away
  5. Cesaro and Bryan would be tag champions. Bryan would be I.C Champ, Cesaro would be U.S champ. Cesaro would be World Champ, and Bryan Would be WWE champ. They would beat everybody that steps in their way in less than 4 minutes.
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  6. WWE will deffo go bankrupt with the hiring, that's for sure. :emoji_wink:
  7. I'm pretty sure they would lose a ton of money.
  9. OH HELL NO!!!! FUCK U!!
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  10. CM Punk would NEVER EVER lose a match and win the WWE Title
    Dean Ambrose would literally kill John Cena and Sheamus and ADR and then win the World Heavyweight Championship
    Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins or Antonio Cesaro would Main Event every single TV Show
  11. Sheamus and ADR would not be the in the world champion hunt that would be lucked if the IWC put then in IC Title Hunt.
  12. If you gave me control CM Punk would be jobbing to ziggler and bryan on a weekly basis.
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  13. I'd just have Punk on Raw and Smackdown dropping his stupid pipebombs for 2-3 hours. His fanboys would tune in and eat that shit up which = more money for me.
  14. and u would lose money if u did!
  15. I would make stone cold get the same surgery kurt angle had so his neck could be fixed then i would bring him back and make him beat everyone especially daniel bryan just to piss off everyone on this forum lol.
  16. u do know stone cold neck is worry then kurt angles was and that could not help him come back right!? if stone cold could have come don't u thing would have done by now!?stone cold love wrestling!
  17. Nah his neck wasn't that much worse i was listening to the stone cold podcast thing he does and he interviewed angle on it and if angle had gone to the same doctor as stone cold he would of had to retire aswell so if stone cold get the surgery angle had then he can wrestle again.
  18. what doctor did he go to that stone cold did not go to?
  19. I dont know there names but listen to the stone cold show with kurt angle on it, you can find it on youtube.
  20. I don't believe so. Also the correct way to say that is "You would lose money if you did.
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