If WWE posts AE like buys/ratings...still complain?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JC4Life37, Aug 11, 2013.

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  1. If Daniel Bryan began shooting ridiculous numbers out of his a**, there would no doubt be a shift. I would assume Ziggler could assume a #2 role since his title reigns can't be fairly rated

    It could potentially close the door tighter than you think, shutting out guys like Rollins, Reigns cause the 'E' can only push so many top guys in any one era

    Ambrose, Sandow, Wyatt could be great heels but Rhodes, Barrett, Axel would NEVER see the light of day

    Cool with all that ... or would you complain your guy isn't being pushed
  2. It's in the internet's nature to bitch... and it depends on the booking, really.
    If D-Bry gets stale as champ, we'll be back to square one.
    But there are people who watched back in the 94-95 era who don't hate the product nowadays that much since this >>>>>>>> that, so after this era we can all sit back and remember "Hey, remember when we Cena and ADR were running around with the belts? Ahhh..."

    Think a lot of us are already accepting Henry and the Shield getting depushed because there just isn't enough room for them (take the belt off ADR right now) so it's already kind of happening. Hopefully it isn't permanent.
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  3. I specifically had you in mind writing this thread believe it or not. I understand the b***ing will continue regardless...my point is simply that if a boom period began, its likely many of your favorite undercard talent will never be utilized.

    Guys like you would like to see other talent pushed but the nature of the business dictates some guys will never be main cards no matter the circumstance.

    I'd personally enjoy a front seat view of a boom period (in todays social media), where people are complaining about Cody Rhodes not being pushed.
  4. I would be upset that my guy isn't being pushed, but if someone deserving is being pushed I have no problem with it. When Ryback first came out, I didn't have a big problem with him since he was new and fresh. Fandango is another guy I never really complain about, despite getting kicked out of a title scene and just wondering around aimlessly. There are some stuff that I would give criticism about, but not really bitching 24/7 and not giving credit to where credit is due, which is why I haven't bitched about Cena's reign.
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  5. :yay: I'm remembered! Haha, a lot of the last year made me more "casual" of a fan.

    That's very true man. They've done a nice (not great) job making Punk into a star, Daniel Bryan's the hottest star they've had in years. That should make for a great WWE Title picture, meanwhile on the other side there's either Damien or Cody who's ready to take over that spot. It's hard to complain about young talent getting held down right now, and with the way WWE has spent the last year dropping a big load on the mid-card there's no real reason for my beloved undercard guys to move up there.

    And despite the lack of boom period they're already having that problem. There's a clog of people battling for each belt right now, with Bryan/Cena/Heel Orton and surely Punk not long after that in one scene and the Sandow/Rhodes/Del Rio/Christian thing on the other. As long as you can keep Cena motivated there isn't much to complain about with any of these talents ( except Del Rio) outside of nitpicking, but that leaves guys like Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, and the Shield lost in the shuffle (for now) and guys like Bray Wyatt ready to take someone's spot up there, but on the other side Sheamus and RVD are nowhere to be found, so that's not all bad. And there's less bitching about guys like Wade Barrett because the title picture really doesn't need him.

    Although we're still complaining about the way Dolph is being treated right now, but a simple compelling storyline can fix that. This ain't it.
  6. There will always be someone complaining, and it doesn't matter who's the top guy, but a few will never really be pushed to the main event as there's just no room. I really don't think that just because a few internet darlings got pushes instead of guys like Cena (for example) some people would be locked out of the upper card though, as they're bound to be locked out doesn't matter who's on top.
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  7. This is an outstanding time right now, simply because Triple H is being groomed. I can't say this will result in a boom period...but I can't say it won't.

    With Vince, we know he will de-push a guy he never gave a chance to (Kofi) but we know he'll shove a ratings killer (Del Rio) down our throats. I'm just being objective here, cause Vince makes the final call

    With Triple H, he's debuting these cats with style. His developmental eye is ages greater than Vince's... but we don't know how Triple H handles pushes/depushes. This will be a key thing to watch.

    Outside of botches (Ry-botch) HHH seems relatively cool. People are sick of Vince's tired booking (not saying he's lost it, just that its old). Instead of having nothing to do, HHH is giving everybody something to do
  8. Daniel Bryan will never produce those kind of high numbers, and even if he did, I don't see why people should be upset that other under card talent would be less utilized consider how much love there is for Bryan. The internet probably prefers Bryan over anyone else, including Punk. Besides, there's room for other people at the top. Bryan would need opponents and there is always the chance of another baby face catching fire and sharing the top spot with Bryan (kind of like The Rock to Austin), especially if the brand extension returned. And if they did have a large enough influx of talent and came upon a hot period, I'd have no doubt they'd at least consider re-introducing the brand split properly.

    Personally, if my favorite wrestlers weren't utilized, I wouldn't mind as long as the top wrestlers were people that I liked all the same. Besides, my favorites at the moment are already at the top or being pushed there - Punk has had a strong year in 2013 with the conclusion of his 434 day title reign and having matches with The Rock and Undertaker and now Brock Lesnar (and is rumored to win the 2014 Rumble), Daniel Bryan is popular and getting a main event push, Dolph Ziggler should be finding his way back into the WHC picture soon enough once the AJ/Langston stuff is done and over with and Damien Sandow is the holder of the MITB briefcase already. I like Bray Wyatt as a character and see a lot of potential in him but he doesn't really have to be a top guy to continue to entertain me in that capacity.
  9. Honestly, I'm not sure if we'll ever seen another boom period. Wrestling's become such a bad word in the community, from all the edgy stuff to the whole "lolfakefighting" thing. But it's a fun point to argue nontheless.

    No kidding, this time is a lot better than what we've seen over the past few years. As you say Triple H's influence is clear (some reports say Heyman is too), don't know why they're grooming him up now, although can totally see Vince just wanting to make a change after Cena going over Rock after 3 years of build got booed out of the building. Del Rio's surely being pushed for backstage reasons since he can leave now and be a huge star in Mexico whereas most guys can't, so apparently there's still some political influence going on. And it might be the whole Twittah obsession WWE has but they're seeing the beauty of pleasing the IWC, since we'll hype the show on social media and get more fans involved (and WWE isn't shy on getting us to do so), now they just need to not make the show so boring.

    We certainly don't know with Triple H. We can't blame Sheamus' push on him since that kind of thing had VKM all over it.

    I haven't watched wrestling nearly as long as these other guys, and they remember all the great characters back in the day. Am used to seeing the bland characters of the modern era, so seeing all the crazy characters running around (especially on NXT) is a whole new experience for newer fans, and it makes those beloved undercarders seem pretty useless tbh. (Except Tyson Kidd haha)
  10. I've been wanting to make this same point clear, but didn't want the butt-hurt particularly much. Danielson doesn't have anything interesting to say, nor does he have the credibility size wise to warrant potentially killing a roster In my opinion, the 'E' would lose credibility if he ran through the talent the way powerhouse have done in years past. I digress, because I have nothing but respect for the dude

    To Lockard's point there's one babyface and maybe one or two others in the same sort of mold. (a la Rock/Ausiin) Whomever the becomes that super draw, the other babyface(s) would follow suit in terms of appeal. The floodgates would fall open to various heels, but the rest of the roster would simply be fodder and 'underutilized'.
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  11. If WWE took off into a boom period with Punk/Bryan being the center and DZ became career mid card fodder you better believe I would be bitching.
  12. Like it or not, Punk had his chance. He's a ratings vacuum he can :gtfo:. Ziggler, if anybody hasn't been given a run and follows a different mold. I'd never dis-enfranchise Punk, per say, just put him in HHH's AE role ... maybe lower
  13. Wait until HHH's daughter(or son considering the times) and have them get married, then Punk becomes a champion in control?
  14. Can you really blame Punk for the ratings decline? Most of the fans over here didn't want to watch the show during his reign because the show was boring. That's not Punk's fault.
    Ratings haven't been much better since he's lost the belt iirc.

    Certainly understand why someone wouldn't want to see Cena Ripoff Punk, or "Wahhh, Respect!" Punk. His character over the last year was awful, it's hard to just blame the talent for that.

  15. Unfortunately, I don't look at things so courageously. I blame Punk simply because he had the strap... just like I give The Rock his due because he had the strap (even though I hate his f***ing guts)
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  16. I have no doubts that there'll be another boom period. I know it's been so many years since the previous one but that just makes me realize how sudden and out of nowhere it will seem when the times comes for wrestling to become hot and popular again. These things can't be planned and every time it happens, it's always like capturing lightning in a bottle anyway. The Attitude Era/Monday Night Wars was preceded by the worst era in WWF history and no one could have known that they we would be going from arguably the coldest period in wrestling history to the most popular one within just the span of a few years. Wrestling has always had a negative stigma to it when it isn't mainstream so that doesn't bother me.
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  17. I would say that buy rates and ratings might not mean everything in the PG era as the fact it is PG means more people are allowed to watch it by there parents etc ,surely if the ratings in the AE is the same or similar then that means actually it was liked better by wrestlings normal target audience which is men aged 15-25 as that many people where all watching before but from a much smaller age group.
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