If WWEF was a soap opera...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. If WWEF was a soap opera who would play who?
    I am talking general characters.. not from any show in particular.
  2. I would be the guy that works at the restaurant where the main characters go to a lot and always butt into their conversations.
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  3. You would know everything... -Glares-
  4. I would be the one background character that stares into the camera when he isn't supposed to. I'll be in every episode waiting for the director to notice me and give me an actual role.... :alone:
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  5. I'd be a background guy who gets included every so often, Think Klaus from American Dad.
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  6. hunky lead
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  7. I'll say the secret spy from a country who can't speak proper english.
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  8. I'd be the misunderstood guy who people think is evil but is really a good guy that just makes bad decisions
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  9. That could be very comedic, I like it!

    "How could you push Vanessa in the pool?!"

    "I thought it was the right thing to do."
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  10. I'd be the villainy ex-wife
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  11. Uhhh the dude that shows up every few episodes, and I'd be the dude that steals @geekgoddess from @Nickelodeon leaving me to be the douche until Nick and I eventually fight and he wins due to his model looks.
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  12. I'd be the dude everyone came to for friendly advice and a beer when the s**t hit the fan. So probably a bartender or pub owner.
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  13. No I'd choose you :ksi:
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  14. After you kill Nick but we don't find that out till next season!
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  15. Oh hell no, it was your multiple personality!
  16. :hmm:

    NO! IT TWAS!.... MY CAT!

  17. I can not read.
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  18. WOW YET OK?! I didn't even know I was getting killed off!
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  19. That is usually how it happens. :true:
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