If WWEForums was a small town...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Apr 10, 2016.

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  1. If WWEForums was a small town and all the members were its locals, who would be the...

    Police Chief
    Town Idiot
    Crazy Hobo

    Just copy/paste the list and tag the member next to the town title you would see them most fit for.
    This is meant to be fun/funny so don't take the responses seriously. I am all for being the crazy hobo.
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  2. I'm thinking that I'll be either Judge, Priest/Pastor or Teacher. But I don't know who should be the others.
  3. Mayor - Solidius (admin - pretty self explanatory)
    Police Chief - Stopspot (admin - appointed by Mayor)
    Judge - The Mods (Police would fit better here but I guess it still works)
    Priest/Pastor - Neptune
    Doctor - Snowman
    Teacher - Lockard
    Comedian - D'Z
    Town Idiot - Gohan without question
    Crazy Hobo - Probably Aids
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  4. Shadow is the town whore.
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  5. Mayor - Solidus, makin' all the decisions around here
    Police Chief - Crayo, for all the times he's trolled back on the trolls.
    Judge - Seab, he just seems like the type who'd textually smack you in the face the most hliariously if you yell "Objection!"
    Priest/Pastor - Wacokid27, isn't that his usertitle
    Doctor - The GOAT, he's the smartest but I wouldn't trust anyone here with a scalper
    Comedian - :pity2:
    Teacher - that one dude who just joined that made that long thread about the history of the IC Title, I don't remember his name
    Town Idiot - JeebaK
    Crazy Hobo... actually on second thought Aids should be the crazy hobo and a teacher. Can totally see him being the dude yelling about steel beams.

    could probably do a lot better :okay: RIP old community, haha
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  6. Town Idiot is definitely Messiah.

    Teacher is my brotherjackwife @Jacob Fox

    Crazy Hobo is probably TGMI, not sure about the rest.

    PJ Ibarazaki
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  7. I wanna be the shady dude on the street trying to hand out the common people my mixtape. Used beats from
    Only for Punk.:ko:
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  8. Priest/Pastor - deth
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  9. Mayor Gohan6425
    Police Chief Solidus
    Judge D'z
    Priest/Pastor Rainman/Snowman
    Doctor The real Goat
    Teacher Gav the Chav
    Comedian Dat Kid from Jersey
    Town Idiot @Testify
    Crazy Hobo Grammarnazi82

    That town wouldn't last a week, it'd be hilarious.
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  10. I'm mr steal yo girl
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  11. I was right.
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  12. Where's yo girl? Oh shit she with D'Z
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  13. Classic Dolph's.

  14. Serious note I have a stupid amount of confidence lately. I have no idea why. Use this information for what you will
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  15. Did you finally lose your virginity?
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  16. @Aids Johnson
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  17. Saving it for marriage
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. it would have been a chore for me to stay a virgin. Most times I'm out with girls they are all over me. I've had to make the first move like twice in my life. It doesn't happen
  20. I don't go out with girls. They go out with me. chico.
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