If you are the chairman of the WWE....

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. What are the first 3 things you would do:


    1- Bye Bye PG and revive the Hardcore title.

    2- Cancel the brand Extension, therefore unifying the WWE & WH titles, and the IC & US titles, and reviving the Cruiserweight title.

    3- Turn Cena, HHH, Sheamus and Orton Heel, and Punk into a tweener.

  2. 1. Heel corporate stable including: Vince, HHH and Steph who control all of WWE.

    2. Build up Taker vs Brock

    3. Fire Khali
  3. I would have the following titles:

    WWE title
    IC title
    Cruiserweight title
    Tag Titles
    Womens Title(not called Divas)

    I would hire women to wrestle based on their ability and for their passion of the business.
    Would find a way to get all titles on ppv cards
    Scrap MITB and revive KOTR
  4. I. Seduce Layla.

    II. Set up a new creative team full of people who I'm confident can write quality programs. However, none of the promos will be overly scripted and will instead rely on the wrestlers, who just have to memorize the brief bullet points.

    III. Fire the few in the company who I can't stand, like Hornswoggle.
  5. 1. fire khali, id keep hornswaggle cuz he´sgood for comedy angles sometimes
    2. turn cena heel
    3. push sheamus for the 13 yo audience instead of cena
    4. i know you said 3 but this one is a must, bring on paige from NXT and try to revive the diva´s division
  6. 1. Unify the world titles. If they wanna run two house show circuits headlined by a world champion, then do as they did in the 80's by replacing the WHC with the IC Championship. WHC is only the second biggest title anyway, no different than how the IC belt used to be when it meant something (sometimes, IC Title feuds meant almost as much as world title feuds. Summerslam 1992, their second biggest crowd ever, was even headlined by an IC Title match.)

    2. Replace Hollywood sitcom writers with actual wrestling minded people. Also, don't be so ashamed of the word 'wrestling' being said on screen.

    3. Let wrestlers have the creative freedom with promos and coming up with their own characters/gimmicks. Some of the best or most successful gimmicks came from the wrestlers coming up with it themselves. Ultimate Warrior, Razor Ramon, Goldust, Steve Austin, John Cena, etc. And promos used to be guys being given bullet points and then coming up with the words themselves, which is why promos back in the day seemed a lot more real and genuine. Imagine if some Hollywood script writers wrote Austin's victory speech for KOTR '96 instead of what we got.
  7. Gonna steal this for myself.
  8. For #2 who do you turn face to balance out those turns?
  9. #1 Have all writers merge on Raw, keep one or two on Smackdown, & hire fresh talent. Fire the worst writers from Raw and replace them with a good Smackdown writer

    #2 Let established tag teams hold the tag belts and give them more TV time

    #3 Fire shit talent like Khali and rehire good ones like Trent Baretta
  10. I'd do everything possible to piss off the smarks on a regular basis :jeritroll:

    So basically I wouldn't change a thing :dawg:
  11. :shock:

    Many wouldn't agree with me on this one but I'll have DB, Ziggler, Miz, ADR, and Kofi Kingston as the top faces
  12. One doe not simply turn Ziggler face..

  13. Hire Frank the Jock
    Fire creative and hire monkeys
  14. First off change smackdown to live on Thursday (people have stuff to do on Fridays) and make the brand split matter again. Many people want it to disappear, i say make it matter. No more super shows, only raw guys on raw. That would give more lower card and midcard guys a better opportunity for stories rather than having more Orton or Sheamus matches.

    Second, make myself a bad ass heel character like vince used to be. I'd have to get me some steroids to be big like them but hell, I'm the boss, i can do that.

    And I'd give the guys more freedom, but it has to be earned. After i see that someone can with their character on their own then they can.

    ~Three Said That~
  15. 1. Reboot the company
    2. Push Bryan, Cesaro, Sandow and The Shield as the "Big Six of WWE", they would be on posters, the marketing would sell them as the modern WWE
    3. Unify WWE and WHC titles into the big one, brand new title, idk about the name, though
  16. Your #2 and #3 are reliant on a very unspecific #1. I have a hard time believing the wrestlers you have selected would draw a casual audience on the same scale as previous stars.
  17. Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.

    And more marketing. And the talent.

    Vince McMahon convinced the whole world once that the upper mid-class white rapper who can't wrestle, is the best and strongest man in the world.

    He even convinced us that Rey Mysterio can be the World HEAVYWEIGHT Champion.
  18. Well this is a little more descriptive, but you need to dig in deeper my friend. You would reboot a company based on established and incredible marketing with what, better marketing? Be more specific champ. Would you change the age-guidelines? Would you change the way the show is projected? Would you change the company direction? Would you change how it's displayed?
  19. How the fuck are 1 face and 5 heels going to drag the company?
  20. - I would stop all the stories, but not off the bat, of curse
    - I would change the concept of Raw and SD
    - I would reduce the PPV schedule, 8 PPVs is enough
    - there would be just one major title, one midcard title, tag team titles, and something like Young Lions Cup in Chikara
    - edgier product
    - I would change the visual aspects completely

    That's just few of them.
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