If you became a wrestler, who would you want to train you?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Varus, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. If I was a wrestler without a question I would want my trainer to be Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno. As a fellow tall person I would love to learn how to move in the ring as fast as he does. I would also want to learn how to do his vicious elbow strike moves. Helping me cut promos as well since I'm not a good speaker.
  2. Foley. As I'm similar build and pretty useless so taking bumps would have to be my thing.
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    Alberto Del Rio and Antonio Cesaro for in ring work,Dean Ambrose for promo work and to be my best friend.
  4. Foley and HBK.
  5. Bryan Danielson
  6. If I was a wrestler I'd want to get trained by Iron Mike Sharpe. Best trainer in all of New Jersey, everyone goes through his school once in their lifetime
  7. Barbed Wired Bibles as you signature weapon
  8. old hbk.
  9. Bumps 101 and that means two different things for both Foley and HBK
  10. Bret Hart for in ring stuff. Dusty and Piper for promos
  11. Ziggler so we could become best friends and hang out 24/7. Maybe even tag team some in the future. Or even team up in the ring.
  12. JBL for promos, William Regal for in ring.
  13. If I ever became a wrestler I'd like to be trained by Natalya or Beth Phoenix. Both are strong and well-skilled in the ring and know how to manage themselves on the current roster.
  14. Regal or Bryan. If I had three I'd pick those two and Foley.
  15. William Regal.
  16. HBK and Bryan.
  17. Wishlist:

    - Austin Aries
    - Doug Williams
    - AJ Styles
    - Daniels
    - Regal
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  18. Bryan and Regal, Watched a Bryan seminar and he is a great trainer and Regal is awesome too
  19. Ric Flair & The Undertaker.
  20. I would think Taker would be rough on people tbh
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