If you could ask Mick Foley 1 question

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WholeFN'Moe, Sep 10, 2018.

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  1. Yes jokes are welcome lol....

    But also, seriously If you could talk to Mick Foley for 5 minutes or so, what would you tell him or ask him.

    I'm asking because I don't want to freeze up when I meet him next week! :aj:

    ...But I also want it to be a meaningful moment, not just

    "Hey Mick, I paid $100 to be here, I love you, your biggest fan"

    ...same as everyone else. What would be cool to know/to ask him nobody else has? What would you say to this crazy sob?

    Thanks guys
  2. I'd ask him what his honest opinion of the current state of WWE is.
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  3. Either one of two questions: What made you decide to do Hardcore/Deathmatch style wrestling? or Is/Was the Japanese Deathmatch scene more extreme than the American Counterpart?
  4. Are you going to Beavmania?
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  5. Do you know how to fix a book cover? I borrowed my boss' Mick Foley autobiography and accidentally wrinkled it
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  6. Oh gawd... Please ask him this. He will be so confused. I am willing to place a bet on him thinking it has to do with women. :dawg:
  7. Is his daughter legal?
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  8. Why did you reveal how you and your wife watched a porno film in order to get into the mood for love? I mean, talk about fertility issues. They had to go to that extreme to get Mick to get it up?
  9. I'll film it & post here afterwards lol
  10. Can I have Noelle's number?
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  11. Stop.
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  12. Ask him how it felt to be back in WWE full time two years ago after being gone for so long
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    You're right Seth...

    Charlotte is the only one for me...

    & Becky...

    & Rosemary if I'm feeling dirty...

    I'll stop now.

    *Goes & sits in the corner*
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  14. This is greivous we talkin about, u gone insane :adr:
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  15. Who the hell is that?


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  16. I guess I'd ask Mick how he felt about setting the bar so high
    for the Hell in the Cell matches that no matter what anyone
    else does the matches will always be called "lame & boring"
    because these days none of the athletes are wiling to actually
    risk their lives in such an irresponsible way.

    Yeah...I'd be keen to see what he thinks about that.
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  17. Ding ding we have a winner.
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  18. Yay!

    Do I get a Chicken Dinner?
  19. I never went insane. I was always insane.
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