If You Could Ask The Creative Team to do One Thing, What Would You Ask Them?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by airbourne908, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Simple, anything at all, but only one thing. What do you ask?
  2. I would say book the matches better and this especially goes with the matches that Cesaro has been having recently. It seems like every match he's in now is a 5 minute squash.
  3. Kick Vince McMahon out of the creative room and never let him in. HHH is in charge now. That's all.
  4. Push Cesaro and Ryder.
  5. Stop making the annoying 3hour Raw espisodes
  6. I'd have to ask Vince, not the creative team. At the end of the day, he's the one who rules with the iron fist and nothing happens on the show without going through him first.

    I'd ask him to let guys have the freedom to work their own promos if need be. I know there's reports of them supposedly going back to that direction but I don't know how accurate it was or is. I'd ask him to let guys have the freedom to also come up with their own characters and gimmicks and/or add their own touches to the gimmicks they already have. That was a huge change in direction they went in with the Attitude Era (someone once said that Vince actually gave an important speech backstage about how guys were gonna be encouraged to come up with their own personas and their own ideas for merchandise) and it's no coincidence we got some of the best times in terms of characters and entertainment (though the matches suffered here a bit) during the AE.

    And get rid of that third hour of Raw. With Smackdown two hours and a one hour show called Main Event, there's no reason they need the Monday show to be three painful hours. Rarely are you gonna get a three hour weekly show where most or at least half of the show doesn't feel like filler. Five hours of content (or even just four, as Main Event is a pointless show) should be more than enough for weekly programming.

    I can name others, but I'll keep it short (you said to only name one after all, and I've already done more than that) and stop there.
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  7. No more Hollywood writers/scripted promos.
  8. Do you have any balls to stand up to Vince?
  9. Pretty much what Kevin said. Though they are somewhat to blame, as I have a hard time seeing Vince reject EVERY good story he hears to replace it with stuff like Natalya farting. I would ask them to come up with much better material more often, and to actually stand up to Vince.
  10. What in the hell were you thinking having Ziggler lose his 1st match as WHC clean on RAW.
  11. "Why do you hate me so much?"
  12. I would ask Vince.
  13. Ughh... so, so, so many things. For one, is there any way you can look at your "sport" more as a sport? Many fans do that. We aren't looking for "clear-cut faces and heels" all the time, we want a roster full of people with different, distinct personalities and get behind those who have ones we like. We love underdog stories and when one guy or one team has the odds stacked against him, that's who we root for. And no... No, WWE, just because you say something's so, doesn't make it so. We have our eyes and our brains, we look at results and feel momentum.
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  14. I'd kick them straight in gonads.
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