If you could bring back any superstar/Diva who would it be?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jeff Hardy, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. Title says it all If you could bring back any 1 Superstar or Diva who would it be?

    My choice would be Jeff Hardy or HBK.

    Diva I guess Maryse.

    So how bout you guys?
  2. Jeff and Maria, wanna know why? LOOK AT MY SIG! :LAUGH:
  3. Diva : Lita

    Superstar : Probably Austin if he was healthy enough if not then AJ Styles, not sure if he counts as he only worked heat but still.
  4. Lol, nice man.
  5. Personally, a star that I'd like back would either be Eddie or Benoit but they're dead. They where awesome talent and they really made wrestling interesting. It's sad to see such great talent gone like that, especially Benoit however they where amazing in the ring. They definitely gave it their all and they just made me get into wrestling. I actually miss them so much. They where amazing. R.I.P Eddie and Benoit. Whatver Benoit has done outside of the ring is a different story. I'm talking about what happened in the ring.

    If I could bring back one diva it'd be Lita. Lita is actually great. You could actually use to her to destroy Kelly Kelly and many more divas that the WWE have. Lita would actually make the women division entertaining again. Talking about the women division at the moment it's total shit and nothing's going on so would like to see how much air time, she'd get. But, to say the least she'd definitely make the women's division entertaining.
  6. Maybe I'll change my post in a month, if the Bella's will get released. Lita is a good one too.
  7. Diva: Lita

    Superstar: Austin to feud with Punk. If not healthy enough, then Styles since I've just read that he was on heat... :O

    If not Styles, then I'd bring back Angle or Hardy.
  8. I hope Hardy will come back and stay off them D's.

    #RemembersHardyVsSting :cry:
  9. Fun video here is styles vs The Hurricane.

    Also he wrestled in very late WCW in a tag team with someone.
  10. [​IMG]

    If Edge could magically have a clean bill of health I would take him back, or if I could bring Eddie or Benoit back from the grave.

    To bad it won't happen since she's with the coffee man.
  12. Oh yes, Mohammed Hassan. He was so fucking awesome, it was a shame that a B rated company and WWE screwed him over.
  13. Yea, it was a really shitty & unfortunate string of events that led to his future endeavoring
  14. Definitely Shawn Michaels, Zach Gowen, and Mohammad Hassan.

    Divas: Candice Michelle, Maryse, Lita, Trish.
  15. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, even if it is a shitty opinion like yours tend to be. :ace:
  16. Austin or Edge if they had a clean slate of health.

    Maria, Lita or Ashley so we'd get some talented Divas with personality.
  17. Would I be wrong in saying The Boogeyman? I just used to love the weird things he did, pretty entertaining. Not really a wrestler mind, he was just a freak that scared people.

    For a Diva I'd say someone like Lita too, it just needs a bit of exitement. The Divas really bore me at the minute.
  18. Definitely Mohammad Hassan! We was pheonominal!

    I think king kong bundy has a few matches left in him!

    Divas? What? Thy have women's wrestling. I haven't seen it!


  19. Sable

    Trish Stratus

    Those two should be brought back
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