If you could bring back one WWE superstar, who would it be?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. If you could bring back one WWE superstar, who would it be?

    Pick someone who isn't dead. Divas also btw. But just one.

    I go with Brock Lesnar. I have always liked him and he just left so fast. Loved his F-5's.
  2. Have to say Brock too.
    If not, maybe Morrison, but he will return anyway.
    Or Hulk..
    Naa, I'll go with Bork Laser.
  3. Jeff Hardy. Vince could control him better than TNA could and he'd provide the big babyface star that Smackdown is missing. Either him or Cabana because I love Cabana.
  4. Agreed..
    WWE needs the 'Xtreme' back.
  5. Obviously people like Edge, SCSA or Foley.

    But I would love to see Bobby Lashley back as I reckon the guy could've been so much bigger than he was and could have done great things over time if he'd still been around.
  6. True, Lashley was a absolute beast.
  7. yah, I miss Jeff hardy. Was one of my favorite wrestler.
  8. i hope this counts mickie james loved her
  9. Yeah, divas also. Adding that on the OP.
  10. I love Mickie too! :emoji_slight_smile:

    Good wrestler an so hot!
  11. Damn, Mickie was a good one. Such a good gimmick and sold it perfect.
    Loved her theme too.
  12. Yes had a great girl willing to do anything like kiss oher girls the fuck would they let that go i miss her so much #MissTHeOldRaws
  13. Yep.. Won't see that in a while..
  14. I would bring back Simon Dean...
  15. Being back the GOON for the hockey playoffs!
  16. Bobby Lashley! He could have been a GREAT STAR in WWE! He could have been WWE Champion!
  17. Lashley was good, but not good enough against Brock Lesnar. :otunga:
  18. Bobby Lashley, Jeff Hardy, and especially Colt Cabana for a legit WWE Career. He and Punk could do wonders together.
  19. If I could choose..
    I rather have Johnny Nitro back instead of John Morrison..

    Loved the dude..
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  20. Agreed, Lashley would be high on my list.

    Since Brock has been said, I'll go with Angle.
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