If you could bring one aspect from WWE to TNA, what would it be?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. Crayo brought this subject (only the other way around) up in the RAW section. I found it interesting and decided to shamelessly steal it and post it here ( I L Y Craybear)

    Basically. If you could take one aspect of the WWE and apply it to TNA, what would it be? There are a lot of differences between the two companies and it could garner some interesting discussion and content. For discussions sake I'll ask that you please try to avoid saying "money" or "production value" because quite honestly those are no brainers, who wouldn't want to see TNA actually have the financial capacity of the WWE or its production team/budget?

    I'd personally like to bring over their ability to debut new wrestlers strongly. Out of all the new guys debuted recently in TNA the only one who has really been booked strongly in my book is King. In the E lately we have seen The Shield, Cesaro and Sandow debut very strongly and finding ways to stay relevant. The only one to fail has been Dallas. Imagine if TNA had continued to keep Ryan relevant after his tag team with Morgan died, or York. TNA seems to forget that they have newer talent on the roster at times. I'm not saying WWE is perfect in this either but they seem to at least currently be handling it better.
  2. Can I say "bring over the entire cruiserweight roster?" Would love to see Kofi Kingston, Adrian Neville, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara, etc. in the X-Division.
  3. Daniel Bryan would be magical in TNA
  4. One more TV show in USA. :gusta:
  5. The production/marketing team. Their video packages, hype, advertisement, and all that fun stuff is what TNA needs. I was tempted to say announcers too with Cole/JBL coming over.
  6. The OP says to avoid the production team lol.

    Anyway I'll go for the big fight feel that happens in the WWE from the selective use of their legends. Even Taker with a shit build has that aura as you know you won't see him for a year, imagine if Sting was only brushed off 4 times a year in ring for the PPVs, have him on TV but don't let him wrestle there.
  7. Didn't read the thread stealing OP completely. Why avoid the production team when it's the biggest asset TNA needs?
  8. Re-read it and saw. Lame, but meh. Anyway, if I can't have any of that then I'll go with announcers.
  9. I'm guessing it's for discussions sake, everyone knows TNA needs better marketing but if we all say Production the discussion is a bit dead lol.
  10. Vickie Guerrero. To learn Chavo how to make a real heat.
  11. [​IMG] = heat and ratings, brother........for Eddie
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  12. Holy hell.

    Taz, you suck so much Jerry Lawler would be an improvement over your ass. GO AWAY.
  13. I've see a lots of ugly, embarassing people till this day, but that is one seriously ugly motherfucker.
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