If you could change one gimmick...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. If you could change one gimmick that a current or past superstar has, what would you change it to & why?
  2. Obviously John Cena..
    Do I even have to explain why?
    He doesn't necessarily have to turn heel, but his current superman Gimmick got stale long ago and they are still sticking with it.
    I say him turning heel or at least having a gimmick change will make a huge impact, but I doubt they will do it any time soon since they had so many great opportunities to do it before and they just let it go.
  3. Cena but that seems too obvious. Daniel Bryan for me. Every fucker and their dog can tell the guy needs a serious gimmick, except Vincent of course.
  4. Fucking kiss and make up and blow eachother.

    On topic, I'd change Cena's gimmick.
    His potential is huge, and it's being wasted right now.
  5. DB kicking faces in, instead of hugging it out. Fairly easy choice
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  6. Two BITW posters came into this thread and were immediately off-topic. Not acceptable.

    On-topic: Daniel Bryan's definitely. Though there are a LOT of answers to this.
  7. Orton.

    He's just an angry... Snake?

    Fuck that.. Turn him back into a cocky heel again.
  8. The Rock back to Hollywood 03. he'd be cheered again no matter what he does.
  9. JBL - Take him back to the Drunk Asskicker!
  10. Orton and Bryan.
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