If You Could Change Someone's 2013 Booking...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nickelodeon, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. Who would it be?

    I would definitely change Dolph Ziggler. His booking up to Payback was pretty good, and he seemed like he'd be getting a great push and world champion run, but just like everyone else who's getting a push, AJ goes and ruins it. The concussion may have played a part in it, but AJ really stopped what could've been a decent feud with Del Rio. Now at first I thought the whole DZ vs AJ thing was cool, but that was only because I thought he'd get to go after Del Rio again after the feud ended. But no, he gets sent down to the Midcard, only to job to Axel and Ambrose along with other midcarder a for months. Hes beaten Fandango and Sandow on preshows, which means nothing.

    Instead of this, I would've had DZ go over Del Rio at MITB, and then in a normal match on Raw AJ would go and screw him, setting up Ziggler vs Big E at Summerslam. After beating Big E, There could be many different ways for him to go. He could feud with Ryback, Henry, or have Sandow cash in. Eventually I'd have Ziggler lose it, but it'd have to be right.

    HMs to Ryback and CM Punk
  2. Mostly everyone, but especially Ziggler and Orton
  3. I would have changed CM Punk's storyline with Paul Heyman. Have Punk go over Axel, then Ryback attack him. Have Ryback go over dirty, then Punk go over him. Afterwards then bring in Brock Lesnar and have him display his power by destroying Axel and Ryback at the same time. I would have Brock still defeat Punk, but have Punk look good in the match so it doesn't look to bad on the vanilla midget. :kiss: