If you could fire anyone in the WWE who would it be?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Jinder Mahal. The most annoying dude ever and he shouldn't be beating WWE legends like alex riley:serious:
  2. Slater and Gabriel.... So they can shine in TNA

  3. God! so many! Hornswaggle, mihal, Khali, Santino and anyone else whos annoying as f**k!
  4. Carly and hornyswallow
  5. Hornswaggle, Slater, Swagger, Khali and also AJ for the divas.
  6. Vince, he's too over powering to his creative team. Let them run with an idea for a while without him joining in. You can have a great story with poor wrestlers if the writing is good but great wrestlers with a poor story? I think not.
  7. I think Vince Is doing a great job, I just hope that when he steps down the writers can step up! :serious:
  8. :annoyed:
  9. Really? His disdain for consistency in story telling is known to be killing a long term product. Plus his obsession with pushing the main faces, whilst not allowing for continued pushes to secure more main event talent in search of the all mighty dollar has left the product in a diabolical mess.
  10. Orton and jackson I don't enjoy watching them wrestle
  11. hunicO nd epicO
  12. On what grounds? Epico is one of their best ring workers involved in the feud that is getting the tag team division back on the right track.

    Hunic is also a top ten ring worker when it comes to ring skills and is a top heel on NXT. A show that is doing extremely well in Europe and the backstage people is very pleased with.
  13. Whoever came up with the idea for that John Cena/Michael Cole match on Raw last month.
  14. That match sucked so match.
    I would fire Cena and Cole
  15. I would be fine with it, especially since they are starting to make Cole's character more like it was in 2010/11 again. I can't stand the lead of the commentary booth being such an attention whoring loud mouth.
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