If you could get zapped by a MIB style neuralizer and become a mark again...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 13, 2012.

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    Would you?

    I have to say that I think I would. Wrestling is a thousand perchent more enjoyable as a mark.
  2. Nope, much prefer being a smark and discussing it with all you guys. I hate the thought of supporting cretins like HHH and Sheamus.
  3. Nope, because it could only mean you'd just end up rediscovering your smarkness all over again. Plus, I can easily find it in me to put aside the smark part of me and just enjoy the show for what it is. My problem is I find modern day wrestling - and also the past 4-5 years at least - for the most part boring. I do enjoy watching older stuff, though.
  4. But you wouldn't know they were cretins to consider that notion, so I guess that would be a nil point. Not entirely sure though.

    Also would we be forever "banned" from smarkdom so we could never refind it?
  5. If it meant I would start clamoring for the old attitude era because it was "so much better" then no. I'd much rather be a smark and discuss the business and how it can improve instead of clamoring for some sort of fictive glory days.
  6. I enjoyed the product more as a mark. So yeah, I would.
  7. huh? How would becoming a mark in 2012 mean you are clamoring for the AE?

    Basically in this hypothetical scenario you would forget everything you've ever known about wrestling and the next time you watched wrestling you would be starting with a blank slate. You take wrestling at face value, don't know about booking, kayfabe, predetermined outcomes, or anything like that.
  8. That would be a hard scenario. I stumbled onto wrestling last summer, having never watched a match before but I knew off it from my time as a hobby actor in my teens since one of my directors was a wrestling smark and used wrestling references. I didn't grew up with it as a kid, I knew it was scripted from the moment I heard from it. I never was a mark I came into it as a smarmy sceptic
  9. So you've never even known the wondrous joys of being a mark, huh?

    It's the best. I've never cared about anything as much as I cared about wrestling as a 5-6 year old kid. I lived and died based on the results of my favorite wrestlers matches. It is truly magical.
  10. No I wouldn't.
  11. Yeah but if someone offered me as a smark, I'd hate the thought of going back and liking those guys so I'd say no. Besides, I don't think I ever marked out as hard as I did for Ziggler winning mitb back in my mark days(if that makes any sense)
  12. If I was a 2012 mark I wouldn't have marked out over Lesnar's awesome return this year :shock:.
  13. I would have, because technically speaking my knowledge of MMA wouldn't have been zapped, so I would have been shitting my pants in excitement.

    Besides, you would mark as hard for anything and everything as you did for the Lesnar return if you were a full time mark.
  14. I get that tbh, we are all still marks IMO we just see the opposite side of the coin. We choose who we mark for differently but we still mark. Also when things don't go the way we think they should we blame writing rather than the events on screen.
  15. Not sure though. Do 2012 WWE marks mark the same as the marks in the past did? Is there as much to mark about other than John Cena?

    In the AE or Ruthless Aggression Era there was MUCH more to mark over right? If I get zapped do I become a 9 year old who likes Brodus' dancing?
  16. No, I would rather be a smark discussing wrestling on boards such as this. Otherwise I'll be on twitter called TripleHLover and have a account dedicated to marking at Triple H or something.
  17. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo

    You still are yourself, you just think wrestling is real.
  18. Okay but do we find the stupid stuff like his dancing enjoyable? Need specifics to answer this question :tough:.

    Because otherwise there is only John Cena entrances/promos to mark over, as the crowd never goes crazy in modern WWE for anything else, apart from Ryback, but I mark for Ryback now so no difference.
  19. Is Cray cray really trying to portray himself as not a mark? Good one bro :otunga:
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  20. Do you find it enjoyable now? how would you thinking wrestling is real have an effect on Brodus' dancing? If you think it sucks now you'll think it sucks after

    You really don't get this premise at all lmao. You are still yourself. You aren't a 9 year old. You just think the matches are real. You think that the characters they play are real. You think the promos they cut are how they really feel and you don't understand kayfabe. How are you not following this?

    It has nothing to do with John Cena, Ryback or the crowd.
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