If you could have a day with your favorite wrestler, what would you do?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SFAeroTaker, Dec 19, 2013.

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  1. I'd just BS with the Dead Man. All day. It sounds like it'd be an interesting conversation.
  2. Male or female? Because the answer changes! Lol.
    Male: Probably Xavier Woods so we could talk about all the cool shit he's into, lol.
    Female: Lita and thats all I'll say HA. I'm such a perv.
  3. Oh god, where to begin? I'm going to assume DZ and D'Z get 24 hours together since that is technically the definition of a day and I'm sure DZ will be as amped to hang with me as I am him.

    So I'm thinking we could kick it midnight to midnight. I would invite him over and we can start with some pregaming. I'll have some bottles of dos equis chilled (seems like the beer he would be in to) and we could get to know each other a little before heading out to the club. I tell some jokes and he is clearly interested as we stare deep into each others eyes before we both awkwardly look away, shy and ready to leave for the evening. We hit up some strip clubs until about 6 am when I decide its time for some breakfast. We go to Dennys and talk about how this could be the start of the greatest friendship of all time if not for the 1 day restraints. He tells me he wants to be BFFs but I put one finger on his lips to shh him. "Listen, DZ, we only have 24 hours together and that's that!"

    We leave Dennys and DZ makes a 'just the tip' reference and we both laugh about how awesome Archer is. I tell him he should structure his character around Archer and he agrees (he eventually wins the WWE Championship with this gimmick months later and gives me a shout out on national tv during his celebration speech). Its 8 AM and I think to myself how great it is that only 1/3 of my time with DZ has passed. I ask Ziggler what he wants to do and he informs me this is my dream date and he is new to CA, so I make the executive decision to head out to Monterey Bay for a day of fun. The drive, which may have seemed like a waste of our 24 hours, actually turns into the most rewarding part of the day as DZ tells me all sorts of stories and backstage gossip. He tells me about how he punks out CM Punk all the time and makes him carry his bags. I laugh, but DZ gives me a look and says "no seriously"

    Finally we get to Monterey and have a great day at the aquarium (DZ will flinch as a shark comes near the glass before realizing it can't get him. we will share a laugh) eating lunch and finally sharing a walk along the beach. Ziggler realizes it is only 10 PM and wants to know what we can do for the last two hours. I decide the best course of action will be to film a beach workout montage ala Rocky. He agrees and rips his shirt off. I feint, hit my head and spend the last 2 hours of my day with DZ in the hospital. I awake from the coma weeks later and DZ is nowhere to be found. Some friends and family explain to me that he stuck by my bed until he was forced to leave at midnight, but the rules said he had to go at that point. I ask if we have the video from our training montage but they say we never even got to film it because of my accident. I turn on the TV to see Ziggler winning the WWE Championship with my Archer gimmick. Things begin to turn black as the injuries I sustained from the fall begin to take me. As I fade to black I hear Ziggler giving me my shout out for inspiring him and I die the happiest little boy in all of the land.
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  4. ^WOW, fanboy much?
  5. ???

    Just responding to the thread...
  6. Just trolling cuz it was soooooo long, lol. Trying to be like the D'Z
  7. Long? I had to rewrite it 3 times to get it to a manageable length I thought people would read.

    Anyone that wants the unedited script of our would-be-date can PM me, its over 20,000 words.
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  8. The greatest story ever told.
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  9. Sex. Am I right @Crayo?
  10. Ummmm, Trish, Steph, Stacy, Torrie, Dawn Marie (skinny)......we would just talk, probably play Scrabble.
  11. Since Daniel Bryan is my favorite, I guess we have some crazy adventure somewhere.
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  12. Do retired wrestlers count? Because chatting it up with Hulk Hogan (the greatest of all time) and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (the second greatest of all time) would be my ideal play date with a wrestler. Austin would be a hell of a person to strike up a conversation with judging from his podcasts, and hearing Hogan tell lies for hours and hours on end would certainly not fail to entertain.
  13. I would agree with chatting with Stone Cold. Dude has a GOAT music taste, some headbanging and beer drinking. What else does life need?...oh yeah, smokes.
  14. If dead people count, i would have Macho Man narrate my life for a day, and help me get ladies.
  15. I would engage in an uppercut war with Cesaro, and we could also swing eachother for an unlimited amount of time. During our breaks, we would drink coffee and exchange stories, mostly about him telling me about his indy travels, and some WWE backstage stuff.
    After, we would just spend the day at the gym, trying to surpass eachother in strength.

    God, all that sounded gay af., but I love Cesaro.
  16. Get tanned with Swagger.
  17. Would take Steph out on a fancy date and gush for hours.
  18. This is beautiful.
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  19. By Gawd! You actually wrote a story!
  20. Yes, favorite wrestler of all time. Any wrestler can qualify, male or female.
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