If you could have any player from your rival team who would it be?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. From Everton, Leighton Baines. While Enrique is a solid LB, Baines is just a league ahead. Has created the most chances in the Premier League this season, is nasty from set pieces, and is a great all around full back.

    From Manchester United, Carrick. A great passing midfielder in blistering form. He'd do wonders alongside Gerrard. I'd have no complaints with Vidic or RVP, either.
  2. newcastle - cabaye sissoko cisse krul ben arfa tiote

    Sunderland - johnson
  3. from Real Madrid Ozil
  4. I'd take Ben Arfa any day.
  5. City - Silva
    Liverpool - Normally Suarez, but he's a faggot, so I'll say Sterling. Worrying that I actually struggled with this one.
    Chelsea - Mata
    Spurs - Duh, Bale.
    Everton - Baines
    Arsenal - Wilshere
  6. Gerrard? Id still take him for man utd
  7. Much older now, and wouldn't start in our team. Sterling is young, and is a huge talent for his age. United would develop him wonderfully.
  8. Fair enough sterling is gunna be great in the future
  9. Another one of theirs is Suso. Suso seems like he could be great. Seen him a lot for Liverpool reserves, and he was great there, but sort of flunked on his first team run.
  10. What about coutinho hes been decent so far
  11. Overrated, and average. In my honest opinion anyway.
  12. I said the exact same about suarez last year proved me wrong well and truly lol give him time he may come good
  13. You could still see the potential in Suarez at that point. I'll give Coutinho time as he's 20, so he's got potential to be good, but Liverpool fans see him as their own David Silva. He's nothing like that imo.
  14. come on it is liverpool what did you expect lol ive seen some compare wilshire to henderson haha
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