If you could make one new law...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. I always think of things that they should have laws for.
    So hypothetically, if you good introduce a new law, what would it be & why would you enforce it?
  2. Not a law, but I'd make Weed legal.
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  3. Also, I'd make churches pay taxes.
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  4. I wish they would do it already. I mean come on... Alcohol & prescription pills kill so many people every year... When do you hear about weed killing anyone?
    I don't drink or smoke but I hate alcohol.
  5. They don't pay taxes? :hmm:
    No wonder so many pasters & priests are rich. I don't go to church but in fairness, being that churches bring in millions a year, it would be fair to other people.
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  7. Stricter welfare laws. You should not be able to mooch off of hard working people just because you're lazy or decide to have a million kids with no money plan. Welfare should be reserved for the sick and handicapped. I'm tired of seeing people that don't work have kids with 3 or 4 different dads who themselves don't work and expect people like me who works my ass off to support my family to support theirs too.
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  8. I agree. Its bull.
  9. I honestly feel they need to be more strict with welfare AND childcare. I see so many kids nearly getting hit by cars with there parents right there not caring. Or I will see kids destroying stores and the parent is no where to be found. Then you have the kids are grow up being bullies to other kids because the parents didn't care to teach them right from wrong. Its bs. Specially in ghetto areas. I hear of 11-14 year olds joining gangs, buying guns, selling drugs... Where the heck are the parents!? Oh, thats right, pocketing money off of hard working people so they can sit at home & piss away the child's money on drugs, cars & alcohol.
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  10. I would ban churches. Im sorry to religious people but I think its a load of crap.
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  11. Grey area to be honest, certain countries really do struggle from a lack of a variety of thriving industries. While welfare laws should be looked into, the government should also be pro-actively looking to continue investing in job availabilities. If this was implemented, then all people would have jobs that suit their skills. There's no point having someone be a customer rep or a cashier at a store if they have social difficulties.

  12. That would be a fucking stupid law, and it would infringe on a lot of people's rights. I am not a fan of religion either, but if people want to believe in "God(s)" and go to church to worship, then they should be able to.
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  13. I'm far from religious, but I'm pretty sure churches bring a lot of comfort to believers in times of despair and for that reason deserve to stay. Sure, praying has no effect on the planet, but it has an effect on the person praying and if it helps them get through a hard time then let them be.

    With that said, I do understand that a lot of churches extort their visitors out of money to feed their own greed and that tighter legislations should be made to track donations to a religious party and ensure the money is being used exactly in the way the donor expected. But of course that would require people to actually give a shit.
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  14. Making truth the law, and create harsh punishments for those who break it. This is obviously government-specific, but the fact the founder of Wikileaks - a source for true journalism - is having to hide in an embassy in the UK while someone like Rupert Murdoch is a rich billionaire makes me sick. A truly honest and corrupt-free government would probably some problems on its own, but it solves a lot more. Also, with a true government, you also "fix" a lot of other laws.
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  15. I dislike that celebrities like Jimmy Carr can escape without taxes yet people on welfare are fucking hounded, that needs to be sorted ASAP, not that I expect much from the Conservatives #RupertMurdochBarmyArmy

  16. I'm talking about the countless thousands that take advantage of the system and are lazy fucks who don't want to work.
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  17. If religion and churches were to vanish, it should disappear on it's own because people give it up, not because the law bans people from having it. (People are growing more and more apathetic to religion each year as it is.)

    I agree on the welfare thing. Not that welfare shouldn't exist, but there has to be some sort of way to separate those who have hard living conditions who are honestly out of luck in finding a job (or possibly injured or whatever) and those who just don't want to work, yet still have fancy clothes and cars and all kinds of spending money.
  18. I am all for helping people but I am not okay with helping people piss on their lives & the lives of their children which is why I agree with Senhor with making welfare have more strict policies.
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  19. Britanica, you've been making threads like these lately. Is there something wrong in yo life?
  20. GO SUCK A FOOT! :angry:
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