If you could meet 3 users on real life..

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roi, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. ...who would they be and why did you choose them.
  2. Crayo, Xanth and CrayJLee

    Mainly because they seem like pretty sweet and fun people.
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  3. Xanth is too fat :ew:
  4. More to love dude.
  5. Me, myself and I. :bitw:
  6. Can't really narrow it down to three, there's a lot of cool people I like to talk to on here.
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  7. Is everyone going to say Crayo? Haha.

    Crayo and GN obvi, then probably Gohan because shouting matches are fun
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  8. It's to hard to choose for three :sad: Maybe Deth, Dat Kid, and Lady. But at the same time, I still want more! :angry:
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  9. Danielson, deth, and GN would have to be my top three if you made me choose.
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  10. Forever alone
  11. Rain, Rain and Rain. The rest of you dickbags can kick rocks. :kratos:

    :hmm: Let's see ..... Rain, Senhor annnnnnd..... maybe Crayo. I kind of hate to fill that third spot though. A girl likes to have options. :pity: But at the same time, Crayo has grown on me and refuses to go away, like herpes, so he might be cool to meet...unlike herpes.
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  12. I'd love to meet:
    • Testify: Nice user and loves TNA (what more can I wish)
    • Rodrigo: The Spanish power in this forums must be known
    • Danielson: A beard is a beard
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  13. I believe I said you also <3
  14. GrammarNazi, CM Punk, Jonathan/Crayo
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  15. Zach - Cool guy, has the same sense of humour as me.
    Walter Jr - :walter:
    The third member I'd meet would be anyone. I like the community here, so I don't want to leave anyone out. :tough:
  16. Probably Lady Deathbane, Farooq, and CrayJ Lee.

    They seem like some of the more chill members on here, well, maybe not LD.
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  17. :dafuq:

    So I can beat your ass? :lol1:
  18. Best member here so far.
  19. :yay:
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