If you could meet one superstar?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. Out of the current roster, who would you like to meet?

    Dbryan would be my top choice. A-Ry, Jericho and Miz would all be close. Though I doubt Jericho is over-friendly, the other three are apparently, which is always nice.
  2. Michael Cole so I could punch him repeatedly in the face.
  3. For sure Triple H, just talking with him about training and all.
    Maybe talking him into training me. lol
  4. He'll train you, then bury you. :bury:

    Michael Cole would be hilarious to meet, the guy's a legend.
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  5. Danielson or the Bella twins... oh god... the Bella twins...

  6. Unless they're mega-sluts I wouldn't want to go near the twins.
  7. Fine with me.. I still would be a FCW/WWE superstar then, right?
  8. Layla for sure. Skin. So. Smooth. Want to touch.
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  9. CM Punk and I'd love a nite out with Brodus if he went as the Funkasaurus! Good times to be had there!
  10. If we're talking diva's, I'd say Kaitlyn, Rosa or a night with the Bella twins.
  11. If we're talking Divas I'd wanna meet Alcia Fox!
  12. You a Rihanna fan?
  13. Yeeah she's gorgeous! Not a fan of her music though just think she's hot!
  14. Alicia said Rihanna stole her look..

  15. LMAO hadn't heard that!
  16. Yeah she said it in an interview or something..

  17. 1) Punk
    2) DBD
    3) Undertaker

  18. Would be scared Punk would verbally humiliate me if I met him. Seems the type to do so lol.
  19. You should call him Phil, and run as fast as you can.
  20. It would have been :machoman: but since he die :sad: it would be Stone Cold as I grow up with him he was my 2nd fav to Randy Savage! :taker: and :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk: would be tie for 2nd!
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