If you could pick any wrestler to come back or be in their prime

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  1. Who would you pick? I'd pick Rock to be in his prime and Edge to come back.
  2. Too many to list.
  3. List 'em all. @death
  4. I'm picking 1 and it's HBK (without the drugs), he would have an amazing match with Dolph Ziggler or Daniel Bryan, if we bring back Rock in his prime that would be a great match too.
  5. the undertaker and hbk, but the UT with the dead man gimmick not the stupid american badass one
  6. Hart & Perfect obviously :otunga:
  7. Bob Backlund with his 90s heel gimmick.
  8. Dean Malenko all day. Loved this dude because of his technical wrestling abilities. Might be why i'm such a big DB fan :hmm:
  9. Malenko because of his technical abilities? Over Hart, Perfect, Flair, Dynamite?
  11. Stone Cold! I miss him in the ring and opening a can whoop ass!
  12. Shawn Michaels or Billy Gunn
  13. Considering if Benoit came back to life he'd probably just be arrested; I'm going to go with either Eddie Guerrero or Shawn Michaels. I'd probably go with Eddie since I don't actually want Shawn to un-retire and be one of those millions of wrestlers, but I do like the prospect of Shawn vs. Punk actually happening (all-time favorite vs. current favorite; always awesome idea) however that's not enough to take him over Eddie.
  14. Eddie or the GOAT Stone Cold. Stone Cold would be the character WWE could use to change WWE for the better.
  15. Triple H early 00's.
  16. Taker - prime.
    DDP - come back (full time).
  17. Antonio Inoki, Bob Backlund, Tatsumi Fujinami, Sting, Vader, Ric Flair and Wahoo McDaniel.
  18. Sting
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