If you could redesign one belt in TNA...

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Belts are an important part of Pro wrestling. They help hold stories and feuds together or just bring some form of stability to a product that can at times be chaotic. An important part of the belts i the way they look. They should symbolize their respective division or niche (The WWE Hardcore belt is a fine example). But sometimes designs don't always hit their mark.

    So if you could pick one belt from TNA's arsenal to redesign and rework. Which would it be and how would you make it look? Would you rework the division it is tied to as well to go with the redesign?

  2. I'd like the tag titles to be updated, they have a classical feel to them which whilst it's cool needs a bit of modernization.
  3. I'd redesign the KO's tag titles to look like they don't exist anymore BECAUSE THEY FUCKSUCK!
  4. I'd get rid of the blue from the current WHC. It looks kind of plastic to me.
  5. I'd make the X Division or TV belts look a little better. I have no problem with the World championship(actually it's my favorite of any company) and the tag team belts still look nice. Maybe the Knockouts championship could be redone, but not before the two I just mentioned.
  6. I'd change Jeff's secondary WHC belt
  7. Both X Division and Tag Team straps. They're both totally OK, but this is the new era of TNA, and current designs are the same for 5-6 yrs now. It's time for a slight change IMO.
  8. I'd redesign the TV Title and cover it in invisible ink... oh, wait, it's pretty much invisible anyway. Carry on.
  9. This is it, both has to be redesigned but maybe they redesign first the WHC
  10. I'm OK with WHC belt tbh.
  11. I'm OK too (not with Hardy's independent design), but to star a new era they'll change the most important title in the company imo
  12. But why keep Hardy's personal belt around? It is only relevant when he is champion.
  13. I think Bully should create a new TNA WHC belt just like jeff hardy, just to piss off hogan or tna management
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