If you could relive one year of wresting, what would it be?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. Simple question really, I don't need to explain it. Mine would be 1999.
  2. 2002 so I could go to WM again :yay:
  3. Actually, I change my mind. 1998.. I missed quite a bit of that year, 2001 I missed nothing.
  4. Urgh. 1999 was basically Vince Russo year. Crash TV to the max.

    It's 1998 for me. The booking that year was great, especially in the main event scene. The main event scene was pretty dry after both Bret and Shawn left, leaving only Undertaker and Austin (who had only just become a main eventer) as the top guys, but they were clever and creative enough to craft a perfect main event that entire year. Austin/Vince, Austin/"Corporate" Dude Love, Austin/Kane, the "Are Undertaker and Kane are on the same side or not" storyline that carried them from the summer to the fall, the title being vacated, Austin being fired but then kidnapping Vince and being re-hired, the well-booked Deadly Games tournament where theoretically, any of four people could have possibly won it (Austin getting the belt back, Rock winning it because he had just become a baby face and his popularity was growing (he even beat Austin and Goldberg in a poll around that time), a freshly turned heel Undertaker, or Vince's corporate pick Mankind), and then Rock becoming a main eventer and corporate champion and feuding with Mankind while Vince tried to keep Austin from qualifying for the Royal Rumble match.

    2000 is a close one, too. I feel that easily had the overall best roster of the AE years.
  5. 2012, Raw was awesome throughout.
  6. I've actually said many times that 1999 was my favorie year. The first show of the year was Mankind winning the WWF TITLE and killing Nitro. Pretty sweet in my book.
  7. I might actually have to slap you.
  8. 2002/2003 for me.
  9. 2001, best year in WWE ever
  10. R: RE: If you could relive one year of wresting, what would it be?

    I agree
  11. 1997 and 2001.
  12. 2005 was also a great year in my opinion, so 2005.
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  13. 2006? I don't know, I only started watching wrestling in 06, so the options of years I can relive are pretty limited. I mean I could say 11, but I hated at least half of the year. There really isn't a single year of wrestling I'd want to relive honestly but considering my options, I'd like to think that's understandable.
  14. Pretty much the same here.
  15. I've only been watching since '08, and the odd numbered years ('09 and '11) were clearly the two best. 2009's Smackdown was fantastic but Raw was an abomination, whereas 2011's Summer of Punk fizzled and the good booking Koskey did on Smackdown was quickly wiped away by Vince...

    Really I'm just replying to get notifications to see which year we should synchtube on Tuesdays or something.
  16. I have two consecutive years '06/7 because raw and smackdown was awesome
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