If you could rewrite a storyline

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheShowoffChick, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. Say you could rewrite a storyline, what storyline would you pick to rewrite and what would you have done differently?
  2. Rhodes vs Big Show for IC title. Rhodes should still have it
  3. Katie Vick. I would have scrapped it.
  4. KOTR '96. HHH would've won it :annoyed:

    Nah, probably Punk's Summer storyline. He wouldn't have returned so soon and Vince/Cena would be chasing him around indies after the WWE title. :gusta:
  5. Mine would go back several years, but the WCW Invasion storyline.

    The first key would have been to make sure that the contracts of guys like Nash, Goldberg, Hogan, etc., were part of the deal (I don't know how possible that would be from a legal standpoint, but...).

    When guys like Goldberg, Booker T, DDP, Chavo Guerrero, etc., started the invasion of WWE (led by WCW "owner" Shane McMahon, natch), they would have been booked like threats. Same thing with the ECW people that came over at the same time. It was a storyline that could have played out over the course of more than just the Summer, but could have been an angle that culminated at Wrestlemania 18 a full year after the purchase of WCW.

    The nWo had died a quiet death in all honesty by that point, but it would have been a natural fit to have a revamped New World Order show up, siding with Vince, to sabotage WCW, turning the greatest heel faction in history face, while DX would join up with WCW/ECW (however you'd end up pairing them up) to fight against the Corporation, turning one of the great face factions of the Attitude Era into a heel faction but also giving the WCW guys a huge rub. Imagine how it could have all played out.

    Team WWE: The Rock, Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall
    Team WCW: Goldberg, Sting, Booker T, HHH, Shawn Michaels

    The final result would have been the true brand split, with a WCW Championship defended on Smackdown and a WWE Championship defended on Raw (or something along those lines), separate US and IC Titles for each brand, separate Tag Titles, separate PPV's (and I do mean separate, the big event for WWE being Wrestlemania in April while the big event for WCW being Starrcade in December). The two brands would get together a couple of times a year for trades or a draft or something along those lines.

    Would it be worth WWE sending the Miz to WCW in return for getting Daniel Bryan from WCW? There could even be some differences in how they choose where to send a guy (or Diva) when they come up. (Put guys who were built up/built themselves up in the Indies (Punk, Bryan, Seth Rollins/Tyler Black) in WCW while guys who are "from the ground up" WWE creations (John Cena, Miz, Tyson Kidd) to WWE (Yes, I know Cena was actually in the indies for a while and I think so was Kidd, but you get my point - their greatest development was through WWE training)). This wouldn't really be a storyline rewrite, this would have reshaped the entirety of what WWE has become and also would greatly affect other major promotions (chief among them TNA), but it's what I would have done back in 2001 and what I wish they could go back and do.

  6. I think the Invasion storyline is an easy one to pick on, and I personally wouldn't do an Invasion angle at all. I never wanted to see one, and to be honest, the star power was very much in WWF's favor when you compare them, no matter how much of a threat WCW could have been booked as. I always just wanted to see guys that I still liked coming over from WCW and fighting WWF wrestlers (the way Jericho and Big Show did) but it didn't matter to me if it was in the context of an invasion angle or not. Before the invasion angle truly began, DDP said he stalked the Undertaker's wife because in order to make a name for yourself, you have to go after the biggest dog in the yard (Undertaker) and stalking Taker's wife was a way of getting Taker's attention. Booker T. said (or if he didn't, I would have had him do so) that he attacked Austin at KOTR 2001 because he was the last WCW Champion and since WCW was dead and he couldn't defend that belt anymore, he was coming right after the WWF Champion (Austin.) This is how I would have introduced all the ex-WCW guys to WWF - the way you do when you introduce any new wrestler or wrestler making a jump from one promotion to another.
  7. This is awesome! :win:
  8. I would have also rewritten the Summer of Punk II. It would have taken some kind of deal with ROH (who probably wouldn't mind a rub from WWE).

    After Punk left with the WWE Championship, the WWE Title tournament would have gone through, with Rey Mysterio winning the title and feuding with John Cena, who would have been almost psycho over the fact he "lost" the WWE Championship. This would have "edged up" his character, making him a little rougher as he would be willing to do "anything" to be WWE Champion again.

    Meanwhile, CM Punk (and the WWE Championship) went back to ROH and wrestled there, even defending his WWE Championship against a couple of guys. They would have reported it on Raw and Smackdown. Maybe have one of the commentators even regularly remarking on the fact that Rey wasn't really the Champion as Punk never lost it or surrendered it. That could even continue after Cena won the title off of Rey (by cheating) at Summerslam.

    I would have kept this angle going until Royal Rumble or even Wrestlemania. Maybe invite Punk back to WWE to defend his title against an up-and-comer at Hell in a Cell or something or make a couple of Raw appearances, where the point is driven home that Punk still considers himself as WWE Champion (and so do some of the commentators and boys in the back). At Survivor Series, you could have had Team Punk vs. Team WWE, with Team Punk winning and holding up his WWE Championship.

    At the Rumble, after months of his impudence, Punk would face Cena for the Undisputed WWE Championship (you could push it back to Wrestlemania, but it would have cost you Rocky-Cena, your mileage may vary as to whether or not that was a good thing). Of course you could also have the title change hands from Cena to Orton or Sheamus or Daniel Bryan and they would have to fight against Cena for the Undisputed WWE Championship, putting the big Cena-Punk faceoff until Summerslam. But the idea would have been to make an unpredictable storyline.


    Just had a thought after I submitted - you could have the Punk-Cena faceoff at the Rumble with the "price" of Punk's return being the inclusion of 10 ROH wrestlers in the Royal Rumble Match or a WWE Tag Title shot for the ROH Tag Champs...something along those lines. wk
  9. kane keeping his mask :finger:
  11. Debut of John Cena. I would delete it as it never happend. lol I'm sorry Cenation :pity:
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