If you could sign any independent wrestler to a WWE contract

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. Who would it be and why?
    One wrestler per post please.

    My first pick right now would be Uhaa Nation, who works for Dragon Gate and DGUSA/Evolve. He's got everything going for him that would set him up for a successful WWE career. He's big, like Bobby Lashley big, strong and athletic and surprisingly agile for his size, he can move like a cruiser weight when he wants to. He's also charismatic and well spoken and pretty young (born in 87)so he seemingly covers all the bases needed to be successful in the business.

    Your picks?
  2. Kevin Steen. Awesome in the ring, one of the best on the mic, young, crazy, Canadian. I don't think WWE would use him correctly though.
  3. Can't say much as I don't watch much indepent wrestling but I think Colt Cabana could work possibly, watched some of his matches, he's talented and can work the mic.
  4. I'd sign myself.
  5. El Generico, since there has been rumors of him being signed. Would be cool to let him see do all his moves on WWE superstars (assuming they keep them) he would get over with the crowd quickly I think.
  6. El Generico would be an interesting choice. I would say Adam Cole, great in the ring and good on the mic, and he has that WWE look.
  7. Bobbie Broode.
  8. Who the hell is Bobby Broode? Bobby Roode for one isn't indy talent.
  9. Steen or Generico, quite an easy choice to be honest.
  10. Go Shiozaki
  11. ^Lol, he's in Japan boy.

    I'd sign El Generico.
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