If you could take three things on an island with you...?

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  1. What would they be? The island is deserted and has enough edible food to last around 1-2 months.

    Realistic answers are more fun, but feel free to attach the joke versions beneath.

    Let's do this :mog:
  2. Dolph Ziggler, iPhone, and television. That would keep me company. :otunga:
  3. Is there a time limit (aka do we get back to the main land after some time) or are we supposed to survive/find our ways back?
  4. A handgun, another set of clothes, & a water purifier :]
  5. Since it's to dangerous to go alone, I'll take a sword, seeds for fruit and vegetables, and first aid kit.
  6. Seeing as I couldn't plug any electronics in anywhere... I'd bring a tent, peroxide, and a knife set.
  7. My Music, TV and Phone.
  8. @[Britanica], a gun, a lengthy book
  9. A helicopter, a helicopter pilot, and cookies for shits
  10. lotion, tissues, and more lotion
  11. :dafuq: you eat cookies when you're on the crapper!?
  12. #facepaw
  13. I'd take two helicopters (extra one just incase the first one crashes) and a GPS device to find my way back.
  14. A boat, suntan lotion, and a horny Mickie James.


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  15. Got a response from Mickie James yesterday :isee:
  16. Mickie James....:gusta:

  17. A helicopter, Crayo's mom, and a pilot

    Pilot flys me off the island while I bang Crayo's mom.
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  18. Breathalyzer, potato and leather jacket. :boss:
  19. Some Food, Gameboy, thousands of batteries.
  20. :dawg:
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