If you could trade talent from one promotion to another, who goes where?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DarksideTrin, Aug 19, 2012.

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  1. Use WWE, Impact, and ROH

    Personally, Id have Drew Mcintyre move to TNA
    Pope to WWE (as that character)
    Big Show to Tna
    Kevin Steen to impact
    samoa Joe to wwe
    sin cara to ROH
    Madison Rayne to WWE with current gimmick and theme
    Alex riley to tna

    just off the top of my head...

    your thoughts?
  2. Move Kevin Steen to Impact
    Move The Pope to ROH
    Move Brooke Tessmacher to WWE
    Move Natalya to TNA
  3. Steen to IW to feud with Aries.

    Punk back to ROH so he can find his balls and feud with Elgin.

    Cara to IW X division star

    Generico to WWE - Give him a dope feud with ADR over the US title

    Briscoes to the WWE - Providing they give the tag division time..
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  4. dolph ziggler to tna so he can get put in his place
  5. Jericho to TNA :jeritroll:

    angle to WWE :angle:
  6. He'll be in his place as World Champ shortly, don't worry :emoji_wink:
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