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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Jan 4, 2014.

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  1. If you could go back in time and relive one day over again, what would it be and why?

    I'd probably go back and relive the 2007 superbowl of the new york giants. I was with my entire family, we all were getting along, and they beat the undefeated Patriots. It was by far the happiest day of my life.

    A close second would be to go back and bang this real hot chick over again.
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  2. Last Christmas. Best one for me. 7 video games, 50 years of WWE Dvd, Syracuse hoodie, Giants hat.
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  3. Ahh, one day? I would love to go back to March of April 2013. Had the most fun I've had with my friends ever. Another would probably be when I was in school and my classmates cheered me on and I got the question wrong.
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  4. First day I smoked First time I got high. Sounds faggy but it was a great experience leading to many great memories that I would never take back.
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  5. Going to go with my man Danielson. I'd love to go back to the day that the Giants won the superbowl. That was the first year I finally got in to the NFL, and with just my luck The Giants took the trophy against my friend's favorite team.
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  6. Nothing. Seriously. Absolutely nothing.
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  7. There hasn't been a day that's been worth reliving for me
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  8. You're no fun
  9. The best moments of your life are the best partly because they only happened once. I honestly can't say I would pick one to relive.
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  10. Says who? I'd relive several moments over again. Or maybe even relive a day and cherish the moment more. Take in everything. Sry you disagree.
  11. One of my warehouse parties before they were the commercial mess they have now become.
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  12. Last day with my great grandfather. Wasn't exactly the best day, but I spent the most with him going to where I played baseball, driving around, walked around, and did other stuff. It was the longest day I spent with him, and honestly before I woke up the next morning it was one of my happiest. Perhaps it was my best day after all.
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  13. Nice post!

    I was too young so my memory of my Grandad and Grandma are really poor which is pants. However smelling pipes does remind me of sitting watching classic westerns with him in his house.
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  14. i'd go back to the day xanth told me he'd give me a minecraft account for making 50 posts on a forum crayo was starting and not make the posts

    then shit on xanth
  15. Did he give you the said account at the end of the day?
  16. First day that came to mind for me was spring of my senior year of HS my then GF and I did shrooms together and smoked and hung out all day.

    She was super hot and I thought I 'loved' her. Turns out I just liked her, loved banging her and love shrooms.
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  17. I agree, if i was going to go back i would go and change one of the bad days.
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  18. lmfao man I had a girl just like that back in the day too. Shrooms with chicks > until you start getting emotional, at least I do.
  19. Probably depends on the chick, I wouldn't do them with a lot of chicks who are super emotional. This girl was cool though, super hot and just hung out with the stoner crowd like one of the dudes mostly.
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