If you ever get to meet Vince...?

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  1. What is the first thing you are gonna tell him?
  2. "Hello", I suppose.
  3. "Hello Mr. McMahon, huge fan and it is a pleasure to meet you".

    That's the only logical thing I would tell him. Because if you tell Vince things about his product to his face, he will most likely ignore you methinks.
  4. Yeah, something along those lines. Only a few people know the secrets to telling Vince something that isn't reaally his opinion without him ignoring you, and if you've just met him there's no way to attack him and say AHHH YOU SCREWED WWE UP, you'll get a restraining order or something.
  5. You'll get cowered in security guards and hauled off the premises most likely.
  6. Indeed, something similar to that.
  7. God DAMMIT I know you would say Hello to him first. lol

    I mean what are you going to tell him about the product, as a fan everyone has some points that he would like to share with the people on charge of the product.
  8. As Leo and I both pointed out. Vince doesn't listen to opinion. Only a select few in his inner circle knows how to approach him with ideas. If you just walk up to Vince and tell him how you feel on his product (in a critical manner) you will most likely be either ignored or cowered in security guards.
  9. That's the thing, questioning him about the product when you're just a random fan, especially when you're talking to Vince McMahon, is quite uneffective.
  10. I'm a total softie, so I'd probably talk about how he built wrestling up, and just ignore the past 5 years.
    After all, we wouldn't know (or think we know) what a good wrestling product if he never showed it to us.
  11. This. Despite WWE's ups and downs Vince brought wrestling to the global stage. We have a lot to thank him for.
  12. True, can't forget about that either. If it wasn't for him there's possibility none of us would be here talking about rasslin.
  13. LOL why are you 2 taking this in a reality manner?

    It's an IF...it's just an imagination...
    Just imagine that you one day met with him, forget about the security. lol
  14. Security or not Vince would still ignore us. But if you're asking us what would be the first complaint about the product if we had an actual chance to tell him without being ignored, say, uh, Vince was drunk was something... let me get back to you.
  15. I'd Tell him, fire Ryback and Great Khali. Push up 2 of the most deserving talents to the roster right now.
  16. flip him the double bird and stun his ass
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  17. LOL
    And when you get back to him, you will ask him to bang his daughter, eh? :otunga:
  18. Say "Hello" or "Cool To Get To Meet You" and then hope he brings up something to talk about. (Depends on what situation we ended up meeting each other in.) Being critical of the product right off the bat makes you sound quite arrogant and kinda offensive, because why would you focus on something negative when you get to meet a person? If he asked what I liked and didn't like about the current product though, I'd have to be honest about it. I don't like to hold back in my opinions.
  19. I'd try to get drunk and/or stoned with him.
  20. Also lol. Vince wouldn't need security to deal with some internet geek bashing his product. :george:
    The dude could fuck up most of the roster ffs, let alone some random nerd :pity1:
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