If you had £600 spare to spend...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. How would you spend it? What is that one expensive thing you want right now?
  2. Is the pounds symbol on UK computers like the dollar symbol is on the US computers? Just curious. lol
    Not to be off topic... hehe

    So in dollars 600 pounds is about $931.
    I would get a new laptop. :yes:

  3. £ and $ are on keyboards.
  4. Actually have $600 right now, going to build a HTPC/Torrent Box with it.
  5. pound of some dank. Turn my ~900 bucks into 2+ grand
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  6. I'd buy a new bike, the legend upgrade here and maybe I'd spend the rest on buying some jewelry.
  7. Buy a computer
  8. Many, many whores.
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  9. I'd take you out on a fancy date.
  10. I'd go to the casino and try to double it :yes:
  11. I would put it towards my fund for so I can go to wrestlemania 30
  12. $931? A bunch of minor film equipment. Light kit, couple mics, a dolly. Save the rest for the next gen console.
  13. Bills. Fucking bills.
  14. I'd probably put a good amount of it towards my student loans.
  15. Useless junk that interest me
  16. I'm leaning towards a new computer, or a new BMX. Not sure how much it'd cost to set up a mini-gym thing in the garage, but I'm betting it's a lot.
  17. I'd buy a lot of jeans to be honest, it's not something that everyone would do, but I'm in need of 10+ jeans. Save the rest and flip it to make it back - simple.
  18. straight to the bookies and put it on black on thd roulette
  19. I'd buy you for a month babe<3
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