If you had a choice 1 or 2 matche's out of these for wrestlemania30 which 1/2 and why?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by wrestlingphenom, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. Which one or two and why?

    Miz vs Chris Jericho

    Chris Jericho vs Undertaker

    Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk

    JBL(assuming he does make a part-time return to the ring while still doing commentating) vs Triple H

    Kane vs Brock lesnar

    Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

    Dolph ziggler vs Chris Jericho

    JBL vs CM Punk

    Chris Jericho vs triple h(I know this has been done but still, it is still an idea for WWE,)

    Chris Jericho vs Drew mcyntire(in the ''chosen one gimmick'')

    Drew mcyntire(chosen one gimmick) vs CM Punk

    Wade Barrett vs Triple h(having wade barrett come close to defeating Triple h, but does not win, but still helping barrett get over)

    Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho

    Dean Ambrose vs Wade barrett

    Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston

    Daniel Bryan vs Justin Gabriel

    Wade barrett vs CM Punk

    I would chose:
    Undertaker vs Chris Jericho - this would definitely be something to look forward. These have never really feuded which is something I never understood.I would love to hear Jericho boast in promos how he has beaten two huge faces(austin and Rock) to become first ever champion and then claim that he will do what no one else has and has never been able. I will do the impossible, the impossible will become possible because I am larger than life. Chris Jericho, you may have accomplished hell a lot in the business but at wrestlemania you will just another victim waiting to r.i.p. Undertaker retains the streak going 23-0.

    Miz vs Chris Jericho - these two seem to have some chemistry in their characters. Jericho should be heel in this feud, both their promos would be great, miz, you say your awesome, really?, Jericho: yeah!, really, your . . . awe . . . ful(in miz's tone) cause your just like all the rest pretending to be something you will never be . . . which is another chris Jericho because there is only one Jericho, not more. Miz: Jericho, I must say for someone who says their larger than life because life is larger than you because the only that ever was larger about you is your loud mouth.

    I chose these matche's even though I am huge CM Punk mark.
  2. DB/Jericho sounds like a great match and there could be an interesting story behind it. Second one would be DB/Punk, this feud could be awesome if it doesn't involve AJ and the match would deliver obv. HHH/Barrett, Jericho/Taker, Lesnar/Taker also sound alright.
  3. Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho because I think they need a rematch from the one they had at NXT.
  4. Taker vs Lesnar is literally the only match you listed that I would want to see at WM 30
  5. Undertaker/Lesnar and Punk/Bryan are the only two matches from that list that I could see realistically happening. Pretty much the only two that I'd want to see for that matter.

    Taker/Lesnar could be set up quite simply. As Wrestlemania season begins, Paul Heyman comes out and says that there is no bigger money match that could happen for the 30th anniversary of Wrestlemania than a match with Brock Lesnar as one of the participants. But he feels that there is no one worthy left to face Lesnar and almost immediately after he says this, either the lights go off and Taker's music hits and he makes his down to the ring, or the lights go off and when they come back on, Taker is already standing in the ring with Heyman. Heyman cowers in fear because after all, he did disrespect Paul Bearer's death the year before, and Undertaker reminds him that he hasn't forgotten about it. He either punches him or choke slams him or tombstones him (perhaps all three) and that's that. This causes Heyman to come out the next week, with Lesnar by his side, and make the official challenge to Undertaker for Wrestlemania 30.

    Not only is Taker and the streak a big challenge for Lesnar for WM, but it's neat because there's a Paul Heyman connection between he and Taker for two consecutive Wrestlemania matches... first with Punk, now with Lesnar. (I've no problem with any form of continuity in wrestling since we see it abandoned so often as it is.) And Heyman reminds everyone that Lesnar is superior to Punk (regardless of how their feud this year goes) and that Brock has always been his main guy, so he will do what the so-called (in Heyman's words) "best in the world" CM Punk couldn't do last year. You could even bring up how Lesnar defeated Undertaker in the past (including a clean victory over him in HIAC) but Taker has never returned the favor with a victory over Lesnar.

    As for CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, that could be for the WWE Title or the WHC or possibly a unification match between the two. It would have to center on nothing more than the two of them wanting to prove to the other and to the world that they are the true best in the world. I'd love to see an Iron Man match between them but the idea of that being at a Wrestlemania next year (or any year at this point) isn't likely unless they're miraculously allowed to headline the event or something.
  6. Taker/Lesnar. Taker defeating the beast would be awesome imo
  7. Undertaker vs Lesnar - Reason I chose this match is because it's fairly realistic if you ask me. I'm sure this match might actually happen at Mania 30 but we really don't know. Also I think Lesnar is very good choice to face the Undertaker because he were to beat The Undertaker at WM30 it would be credible. Plus the match itself you can expect would be extremely brutal.

    Chris Jericho vs Daniel Bryan - Who wouldn't want to see this match? These two guys I could watch for hours. Both are very skilled technical wrestlers and it would seem these two would have amazing chemistry with one another. If these two had a match at Mania, I would really hope they would get more than 30 minutes to have their match.
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