If you had control over one thing...

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  1. What would you change? Let's say you can change anything in the company. You can change the name of TNA, fire Tenay, fire Taz, push Robbie E - anything. What would you do right now? What do you think needs changing the most?
  2. Do you want fan answers or business answers?
  3. Your answers. If you had one choice, what would it be? Not from any standpoint but your own.
  4. Sign Adam Cole from ROH.
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  5. Assume everyone else will give the obvious answers, so I'll throw this one out there: Restock the women's roster. Was just reminded by Britanica and Nazi just how great the women's wrestling used to be in this company, and how great it could be today if they just took it seriously and filled it with wrestlers who we can take seriously.
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  6. Reshape the tag division. Get those who don't belong in there out of it (Aries, Roode), and add more stipulations to matches.
  7. Advertising is obvious so I'll avoid that and go with signing a few new tag teams, namely TYBs (again), SSBs, Taylor and Gargano (unlikely but let me fricking dream) and build the division around them with Chavo and Hernandez, BI, Storm / Gunner and Roode / Aries.

    My choice? More focus on tag teams.
  8. Continue growing the X-Division, less Hulk Hogan. Just have Hulk as like a Vince McMahon figure that only shows up every once in a while. Get a new, young GM. Slowly start to get rid of Aces and Eights, as in get rid of members that don't do much like D-Lo and the Doc etc. That's all I can think of for now.
  9. Stop pushing the KO division
  10. Remove Dixie Carter from the company completely.

    oh and refund A Double's fine and reward him with a bonus for #crotchtofaces
  11. Who would you replace her with?
  12. I'd add blindfolded wrestling with a ring that randomly retracts the ropes.
  13. Myself
  14. Weekly segments of harassment towards Hemme? I'd mark.
  15. I would fire that talentless scrub obv

    replace her with this guy:

  16. Would you make Crotch2Faces merch?

  17. Well of course.
  18. I'd have Jeff Jarrett be in control again.
  19. Fire Aries and make Hemme TNA champ and book her to win every match because anyone who goes near her gets fined and fired and sent back to the indies #sexualharrasmentsuittofaces

  20. No shut up bitch we are all sexist misogynistic pigs around here. Now shake your titties a little and make me a sandwich or something
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