if you had to...

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  1. which wrestler would you have dirty man sex with if you had to?
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    I'd have go with Dean Ambrose and I would be willing.:ksi:
  3. Top or bottom?
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    Austin Aries. Sexy ass mother fucker. Also he's ripped, athletic, and full of energy. He'd rip my asshole in two :gusta: :yay: :fap:

    Not to mention dat facial hair.

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  5. Shield by themselves. Shield all at the same time - powerbombing me into bed or no dice. Daniel Bryan and Bryan Danielson threeway. CM Punk. PTP but Tidus has to be Pancake Patterson. Bray Wyatt on top a pile pf buzzards. Cena but pulling out at the count of two while Nikki is the guest referee. Great Khali with my eyes closed just to see what it felt like. Hornswoggle dressed as Tyrion from Game of Thrones. Bo Dallas in front of a crowd and have them cheer when im dominating and boo when Bo is dominating. Zeb Colter and after we're done I tell him I'm not born in the US and release to TMZ that he had sex with a dirty Filipino immigrant hooker. Hate sex with Kaitlyn and tell her to her life together. Sami Zayn while a track of a crowd chanting "ole" is playing. And Dolph just see if Amy Schumer said was true.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. If it's top :hmm: Then I would say Roman Reigns. He looks fun to snuggle with, plus he has that raw power. It's also an addition he looks like a sex God :gusta:

    If it's bottom Then that's a tough one. Guess I can throw Slater there :haha: Wouldn't mind it really :gusta:
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  8. Both.:gusta:
  9. Do I even have to say?


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  10. [​IMG]
    Fucking stud

    I bet I could also fuck Kevin Nash so hard he'd tear a quad

  11. Big Sexy for a reason. look at this handsome stud

  12. Someone tried the Jeff Hardy Workout.

  13. dem saggin' old man tits :obama:
  14. pfffffffffffffffffft. get real.
  15. Going with the Recently-Single Randy Orton. :emoji_wink:))

    LOL @ Lady Deathbane 's list. :emoji_wink:

  16. Orton over Ziggler? Get some fucking taste
  17. Come on, you didn't expect that? :O

    Ziggy is on my Top 5 though
  18. Holy shit... umm... fuck... that's fucking beautiful. I don't know if I'd be able to keep up though. :urm: Not exactly the fittest person in the world. :haha:
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  19. GAHHH I swear the unofficial requirement in being a Superstar is to be hot. (Except Big Show, Henry, and the like.)
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