If you hate D.Bryan GTFI

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  1. First of all this will be a no flaming zone. ​

    A serious question as I've seen alot of people on here who dislike him and I'm wondering why? I personally see alot of up sides but I'm a mark and have been for a long time. I want to know why someone would hate him. Please avoid simply saying it's my opinion. I just want to know a reason why.​

  2. RE: If you hate D.Bryan GTFO.

    Tbh not liking his mic work on SD, seems so forced imo.

    His in ring skills are by far the best though, not gonna deny that.
  3. At first I wanted him no where near the main event, because he didn't seem to have the ability to cut a promo. Was watching NXT when he aggressive on Michael Cole, that's when I knew he could do it. His recent promos have been better than Punks, so I have no idea why people say he can't work a mic... he was 2nd best on Monday and that's behind the best mic worker in the WWE (Chris Jericho). He's getting more heat than everyone, I literally can't think of anyone with more heat atm? Maybe Rhodes, maybe Jericho.
  4. Always a Bryan fan since ppl pointed him out in ROH!


    Look at his wrestling ability speaks for itsself much needed in WWE at times!

    Plus they guy has always played very little gimmick just a nerd an he is who he is to as point an it's got him over every time! takes effort to do that!

    Now mic ability in WWE good man D Bry as Booker would say is up there it's a different style of promo to most but it works!
  5. I love his ring work, but think people are really overreacting to his mic work. It's okay, but people are going overboard. I don't hate him, but his character leaves a lot to be desired for me.
  6. Would you rate his mic work above Ziggler?
  7. Hard to compare the two. Bryan has been given a ton of time on the mic and free reign lately. Ziggler gets neither of those things.

    Ziggler held his own with Foley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcrTayB6UHk who is a great mic worker in his own rights

    ZIggler seems a helluva lot more natural on the stick than DB IMO. Small sample size w/ Foley but like I said they would rather give Vickie the mic to say excuse me and get boo'd out of the building than actually let Dolph get any promo time
  8. That promo does stand out for Ziggler but it's not consistent. As for who looks more natural are you kidding? Bryan looks relaxed, Ziggler sometimes looks like there's a log in his pants. Don't get me wrong - big fan of Ziggler but his stick work can still improve, but it's more than bearable now, it's enjoyable.
  9. It's cool. I don't want to highjack seabs thread debating Zigglers mic skills
  10. The majority of threads we have go off topic anyway :laugh: . So you can do if you want.
  11. Bret Hart and Steve Austin both like Bryan and I highly respect their wrestling IQ

    Bryan isn't trying to be more glamorous than he is.

    If he seems like a nerd, its cause he is. Frankly, high school is over and those comments are obsurd

    He's got a Bret Hart like approach to mic work, which suits me fine... I hated the AE anyways
  12. Most of it to me is more creative hate than Daniel Bryan hate. But his promos just aren't very good. They're all forced and nonconvincing, he doesn't seem comfortable on the mic, and usually he gets outshined by the Big Show. He's a pretty good worker, but not even close to what I hear on here.. but I didn't see him in ROH either.

    But the booking of D-Bryan is incredible. Are we really supposed to boo 200 pounds of Daniel Bryan walking into a steel cage with 900 pounds of Big Show and Mark Henry, right after his girlfriend was run over by a glorified truck? And other than that, they're just throwing stuff against the wall and seeing if it sticks.
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  13. I agree with most, if not all of this.
  14. Repped
  15. Why start another argument? Tired of this Bryan shit, he just doesn't fit in the WWE.
  16. There is not one argument in this thread, I've seen alot of guys hating him and was wondering why.
  17. I only see one guy on this particular forum 'hating' Bryan... wonder who that might be.. hmmmmmmmmmm
  18. I think the opposite, the only good thing in his feud right now is him. Big Show is diabolical on the mic, diabolical in the ring and needs to actually make the other wrestler look good. As for Bryan's ring ability, come on, he's had to carry matches for months now. He's not being put against guys who can wrestle. His match was Punk was great until that stopped. I can't wait for Bryan vs Ziggler. Bryan vs Orton this Friday should be great too.

    Even with the booking he's had, he's getting great heat.
  19. Reviving this thread since Daniel Bryan hate just keeps popping up in threads.

    Agreed on the "he's the great worker" part, maybe it was just high expectations since the bandwagon was so big at the time. The feud itself, well, you know my thoughts on it by now.

    Somebody please explain why this gimmick works at all. This week, anyway (since it changes from week to week), he just seems like a generic cocky-yet-chicken-shit heel combined with 2010 CM Punk (the getting-in-feuds with random mid-carders who are just upset that he won't shut up) and whatever they are trying to do with A.J. Lee. They teased at first that he was going to be a cocky heel who could actually back it up and beat you clean, and isn't afraid to take you head on (although would win dirty every now and then). If they would have stuck with that it would have been a great character in today's WWE, and it would have suited Bryan perfectly.
  20. Because, Daniel Bryan, (WWE Wise), is a fail. I never liked the guy, and he is absolutely terrible... I really hate it, because outside of the WWE, the guy has major ring skills, and abilities...
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