If you have snapchat

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Mike., Mar 22, 2014.

  1. Lmk and Ill add you, been hitting real life so hard sorry for coming once every few months!!!

    Just bought a Big ass smart TV and put it on my wall, thought about buying one so I did later in the day..

    40 inch less than inch thick... I love it

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  2. Ps you want lessons on how to get laid? HMU!!!! 3rd bitch this month

  3. I bet it's a guy.
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  4. It's Crayo. We all know he is gay for Mike.
  5. No. Are you?
  6. It was me, I pose as a chick on snapchap to sex up guys.
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  7. Cant believe i'm the first person to make a point on the extremely well placed TV on the wall. Danktv.

    Cant believe you blurred out Crayo's girlfriends name.
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  8. What the flying dickballs is snapchat?
  9. lookin a lil crooked he might try one of these

  10. Dope dream catcher.
  11. Thats funny It's level, just iphone is croked

  12. Old Spice is a man's scent. Good job.
  13. It's a photo messaging app basically.

    Except you can choose how long a message shows up on another person's screen. Once the message disappears the receiver is unable to re-access it...unless they screenshot your message. You don't have this shit in Aus?
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