If you ran TNA...

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  1. What exactly would you do to improve it? We had a thread like this in the WWE sections.

    It can be anything like saying who you'd want to be in the main-event, to changing the name of TNA or staging or anything. Basically, you have full control. What would you do?
    • Hire Paul Heyman but keep him away from anything financial.
    • Fire Sting, Hogan, Both Bischoffs. Basically all the older people besides Kurt Angle and Christopher Daniels. People who can still work.
    • Focus on Tag Teams and the Knockouts. No other mainstream company is offering any dedication to this niche. Use it to your advantage.
    • Give Ken Anderson some filter.
    • Promote. Promote. Promote. No matter how good the product is if no one knows it's on no one will watch.
    • The WHC matches shouldn't be given away on TV. Keep them for PPV only. Make people want to pay for it.
    • Drop AJ Styles and Daniels to the X Division. Let's make this title mean something again. The 6 main competitors would be Aries, AJ,Daniels, Haskins,Kendrick and Kid Kash.
    • Tag team wrestling. Use the teams you have. The Guns when Sabin is recovered, Magnus and Joe, Crimson and Morgan. Give them time every week. New stars can and will be made.
    • Hire Sara Del Rey and rehire Alisha Flash and give them time every week. Just 10 minutes TV team every week for the knockouts division.
  2. I agree with a lot of what seabs said, but I wouldn't fire Sting. He's good in his role as the crazy people's GM. Also not sure how the Heyman hire would work, as I think I've read that he won't come in until Dixie backs the fuck off and stops meddling in the wrestling affairs, which is also the snag in his firing all of the old people plan. I'll assume I can put a hit out on Dixie and somehow keep the funding from her Dad, so Heyman as booker it is. This also spells the end of Russo being a TNA employee along with Bischoff and his no talent son. Tenay has to go, he is awful. Tazz too. Not sure who I'd put on play by play, but I'd move Steiner to the booth to do color.

    Wrestlers who I'd 86:
    -Rob Terry
    -Jesse sorensen
    -Ink Inc

    With the money saved on not paying Hogan/Flair, I'd raid the shit out of ROH. El Generico, Steen, WGTT, Briscoes, Richards/Edwards (brought in initially as the Wolves but would eventually split), Strong all get offered contracts worth more money then they've made in their lives.

    With this you could have the foundation for a possible invasion angle ala after the WCW takeover in WWF back in the early 2000s.

    My idea for what the card would look like:

    Main Event Scene: Roode, Storm, Steen, Hardy, Anderson, Angle
    Upper mid carders to be elevated: Pope, Crimson/Morgan (tag champs for now but will inevitably split and feud), Strong
    Upper Mid Card Gate keepers: Jarrett, RVD, Abyss, Bully Ray, Devon
    X-Division: Aries (Champ, I'd eventually elevate him because he's too damn good at what he does), Styles, Generico, Kash, Kendirck, Kazarian, Daniels, Zema Ion
    Tag Division: Morgan/Crimson & Joe/Magnus has been booked well. Joe/Magnus will take the belts off them and Morgan/Crimson move on to a feud with one another and eventually towards the ME. Along with the teams I've raided from ROH (WGTT, Briscoes, Wolves) you have the MCMGs. Best tag division ever.
    Knockouts: They already do a nice job of booking this, no real complaints from me.

    Also no more Impact Zone. We are burning that place to the ground and taking our improved product on the road. No more hot shotting big matches on television to try and draw in meaningless ratings, we'll have properly built feuds that culminate in big time PPV matches as it's supposed to be. Oh and stop trying to be a cheap WWE knock off. WWE caters to kids and people who want entertainment.. TNA should try and cater to hardcore wrestling fans. Still have angles and storylines, sure, but put more of an emphasis on in ring action (like they pretended to with 'wrestling matters' but do it for real) That's all I got for now
  3. Both seem pretty epic thus far. That x-division line up looks absolutely incredible.
  4. Dixie has no clue, the mother hen crap doesn't work

    Signing Jeff Hardy isn't funny... stop doing it

    Stop giving Sting reasons to stay... stop it

    The f***ing Joker.... go back to home ec

    Dixie Carter makes Steph look like Steve Jobs.... GTFO
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  5. Liked and + repped. Especially the Jeff Hardy point. He shouldn't be given another chance.
  6. Probably a good business move though.
  7. Hulk's probably been the better investment. Jeff was brought in to bring ratings and he just made the company look crap.
  8. Jeff Hardy has really made good on his chance. He's in better shape, he hasn't had any more drug issues, and he's still a huge draw.

    But he shouldn't win the World Title until 2013, if ever. Make an example of him, you can't embarrass the company like that and be shot right back up to the top of the pecking order. With his tag-team experience and being under 225 pounds, you can stick him in either division and give them a nice boost, that would be more productive than sticking him in the main event scene anyway.

    Just don't be dumb enough to have him tag with Shannon Moore.
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  9. - I'd structure Impact just like ROH structures their TV show, which means an opening match, one or two backstage interviews, then another match, then something like Inside TNA focusing on storylines, and of course main event after that. Simple, yet effective. No more soap opera story telling.
    - I would do a special system for the TV title, where it's defended every 2 weeks on TV (not PPVs). One week you have a #1 contender's match, and next week you have a TV title match, and so on, and so on...
    - less wrestlers per episode, I would rather focus one few of them every week
    - 4 PPVs per year: Lockdown, Slammiversary, BFG and Annihilation
    - I would push Aries as this generation's Ric Flair
    - Flair vs. Steiner feud
    - I would push Magnus
    - I would do something about marketing, bcuz TNA sucs in that department
    - revitalize the Tag division
    - I would bring back the World X Cup
  10. [​IMG]

    My thoughts exactly, and I don't even like Hardy that much, but I'm rooting for him to stay clean and continue doing well. No World Titles until much later down the line though
  11. HBK was real bad at one point. He was actually worse than Jeff.

    Jeff doesn't have the character issues Shawn had, but he is chemical dependent and manic depressive

    In the biggest moments of his life, when he was on the cusp of stardom.... fail.... every single time

    TNA is full of enablers. People don't get better, they get worse

    Mr. Anderson, Orlando Jordan, Nash.... all guys WWE dumped. They go to TNA and you realize why WWE let them go
  12. To be honest you're right, there's not one ex-WWE star I like in TNA really, apart from Anderson (if filtered), But he's not a massive loss. I think Morgan was a big loss though.
  13. I would closed it down b/c it that bad of a compuy! That not doing anything right and not even me run it would change it b/c that screw up to much!
  14. The first hour of this weeks TNA blew RAW out of the park, and I'm no TNA fan-boy.
  15. So if someone gave you control of the 2nd largest wrestling company in the world where you have plenty of financial means to get things done you would shut it down? Makes no sense man
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  16. Morgan worked hard and improved himself. TNA hasn't done him mnay favors
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    Wrestling marks can't run a wrestling business

    Vince succeeded b/c he was business 1st and fan second

    I believe WCW could've last longer had Ted Turner kept a better watch over his money... but
  17. Are you sure? Vince has seemed to be a pretty big Triple H and John Cena mark...
  18. Cena made WWE 106 million dollars in 2010

    Triple H helped kill WCW.
  19. And is screwing his daughter.