If you recruit 5 new Superstars/Divas to WWE who would you pick?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lacky, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. If you had the chance to hire five superstars/divas to WWE who would you pick.

    My five are :

    Colt Cabana
    Jeff Hardy
    Samoa Joe
    Kevin Steen
    Kurt Angle

    Who would you pick?
  2. Eddie Edwards
    Davey Richards
    Rodrick Strong
    Adam Cole
  3. Does it have to be from other wrestling groups or can it be any celebrity?

  4. I would guess wrestlers only since recruiting celebrities doesn't contribute anything to the wrestling business.
  5. Hulk Hogan
  6. Joey Ryan
    Kevin Steen
    Jeff Hardy
    Emil Sitoci
    Rob van Dam
  7. I won't bother with guys like Steen or Cabana, they wouldn't be utilized in WWE.

    Matt Morgan- would actually get a decent push in WWE
    Batista- bring him back against his will. I don't care if he wants to be there or not
    Rob Van Dam- get him out of my TNA
    Michael Elgin- Young and talented as fuck.. he is too short for WWE's standards, but I could actually see them using him to some extent because he is buff'd out and has a great power move set
    Rhino- dude is only 36 and can still work as good as he ever did. Not sure what happened with WWE the first time around, but he seems to fit their mold well
  8. Dudley Boyz
    Lesnar (Permanently)
  9. Holy shit, Rhino is 36? Damn, this guy must come back.
  10. I always thought Rhino to be in his mid 40's
  11. Alex Shelly
    Chris Sabin
    Velvet Sky
    Candice Michelle

  12. Styles
  13. Not bad.


  14. I like that Gif. :dawg:
  15. :otunga:
  16. :hmm: Confused as to if we are to choose new wrestlers that have never been to WWE, or any wrestler currently not in WWE.
  17. Any wrestler currently not in the WWE Farooq.
  18. I want to dick slap all of you noobs who want to rape TNA of all of its talent.

    Why would you want to pull talented and entertaining guys from a superior show where they are utilized and put them on an inferior show where they may or may not get anything decent to work with?
  19. Since this is a hypothetical thread I think we can hypothetically say they'll be used well.
  20. This. More talent should be up from NXT and others anyway. Hiro, Ambrose, Etc.
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