If you wanted to be a wrestler, what would your height and weight be?

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  1. I'm a fair competitor, so I would like to be 6' 3" and 253 pounds.

    If you wanted to be in the WWE, what would your height and weight be?
  2. 5'4 and 107 pounds and be short like AJ :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. between 6ft1 and 6ft3 is the ideal length apparently.
  4. 8ft 500lb monster.
  5. A small 6'3 or 6'4. Same height as Ambrose.
  6. 6'7 275

    only way I would get a push in WWE...
  7. You lack so much charisma. :sad:
  8. I would be my height and my weight now, I'm quite comfortable with it
  9. That's my one problem in life, lol. Just so lifeless and dull
  10. Not sure if serious now :hmm:

    Can't be serious lol
  11. it does not made. if ur good wrestler that will sign u.
  12. 10 foot 7 800lbs
  13. You'd die a week after your debut.

  14. :downer: I'd still probably get a better run than Bryan Danielson too.
  15. What would they chant?

    Diabetes! Diabetes! Diabetes!

    We love lard ass! We love lard ass! We love lard ass!
  16. EAT

  17. Just a feed me more rip off. Unoriginal bastard.
  18. :emoji_grin:OWNER: I'd probably still be able to outwrestle Ryroid too.
  19. 6 feet 2 Inches and 215 pounds
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