If you was a wwe superstar or diva what will your move be

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BigE, Jul 30, 2015.

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  1. If you was a wwe superstar or diva what will your move be
  2. I assume you mean "Finishing Move" since you wouldn't be a very effective competitor if one move was all you had in your repertoire at all.

    If I were a wrestler (and I'm speaking from a purely kayfabe point of view here), I imagine myself as the wrestling equivalent of a Muhammad Ali or a Floyd Mayweather, the type of performer who would use his speed and agility and mastery of the ring to outsmart his opponents and win matches. So a finishing maneuver that you could drop someone with out of nowhere - like Randy Orton's RKO or Shawn Michaels' Sweet Chin Music - would be the wisest choice, especially since those type of moves always tend to get the biggest pops. My submission finisher would be Kurt Angle's Ankle Lock, which can also be slapped on someone out of nowhere and can make even the biggest and strongest guys on the roster scream and tap like a bitch.
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  3. Ok
  4. I would have the female version of the RKO. Just as effective but just a little more feminine.
  5. I'm a huge fan of acrobatic type moves, so i'd go with something fast but effective. It has to have an impact, it has to create excitment as well. I'd go with a standing shiranui, And the reason for that is there are so many different ways to make that move look fresh. You could use anything as leverage to flip over, you could just make it something amazing.

    Another move that i really admire, is a tiger bomb, but i'd kind of mix that into a collaboration with a sunset flip type move. It's pretty confusing to describe but if you use your imagination you'll see what i mean by that.
  6. Think that I'd go with a reverse DDT, with the falling variation(ex: Christian's) would be the one that they kickout of. And if that was the case then I'd execute the snapping version(ex), or even the lifting variation(ex: basically the Paroxysm/reverse Bloody Sunday) if it was a high stakes match for the win. That's what I like so much about the move, it's extremely versatile and can be hit in numerous situations. And even though it can be hit in an instant, I'd want to lead up to it with a shining wizard to the back of the head(ex).
  7. Green mist out of my asshole.
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  8. Kobra clutch backbreaker, Fireman's carry uranage or the sliding D.
  9. Either Curb Stomp or Package Piledriver.
  10. Regal plex all day long
  11. I think I would have a striking finish, due to 3 reasons:

    1) I'm a small guy(5,10), so there's only so much I could possibly do with power moves

    2) Striking strikes usually look good even if the seller isn't, and the "SMACK" sound some of them make is delicious to hear.

    3)They usually can come out of nowhere, which is a big plus for any finisher. I hate top turnbuckle finishers for their predicable nature and awkward setup.

    As for which I would pick, I think maybe a rolling elbow with a twist. Could have a jump before to make for a more acrobatic version of Wade Barret's Bullhammer. That of course is really difficult to be consistent with outside a videogame.
  12. I'd just throw TGMI at all my opponents, I'd get the instand TKO.
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  13. Flip DDT (you can actually find some footage where Lince Dorado performs it)
  14. If i was a WWE Superstar it would make me rethink my life choices, but really, it would be the Dragon Sleeper.
  15. Bronco buster
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