If you was in charge of TNA what would you do first??

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  1. Just looking to see what ideas you guys have in regards to TNA and what you would change first... For me it would be to get rid of hogan, then bischoff
  2. Fire Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan and Mike Knux.
  3. Tea-bag Chavo Guerrero
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    Don't forget Chavo!
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  5. Probably the good news some people missed... Chavo is now working closely with an X Division talent and is their agent, meaning that he should be appearing less and less as the time goes by on TV, plus TNA is looking to sign Homicide to re-form LAX.

    But if TNA fails to sign Homicide back, then don't blame me if Hernandez vs. Chavo feud happens.:burns:
  6. Fire Hogan, Bitchoff and Chavo. Then, get Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan back.

    Oh, and get Colt Cabana.
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  7. Fire Hogan and use the money to throw a party for the wrestlers, and with all the money we'll save from him gone, we'll have enough to cover any damage.
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  8. Hire Nick and Linda Hogan
  9. I'd can everyone over 40 that appears on the box. That means you Sting, that means you Hogan and all the other crinkled up old trash that's sucking their funds

    I'd tell Dixie to step her game up or GTFO if I had the power. The company would be a bit more 'indy-like' but TNA has more than enough workers to cover their bases

    With the money left over, I'd spend keeping up the production value and keep the touring to a particular region... namely the northeast

    I'm in favor Jarrett to be honest, because he has a great relationship with old timers to coerce them into one-off appearances
  10. No MMA and would cut some costs with people who are untalented and have very high wages. I was thinking about this the other day, other things would involve bringing Keneley and probably Bob Backlund back but yeah the first ones are those.
  11. Fire Dixie "stupid bitch who is ruining TNA at least in my opinion" Carter, the Hogan family, Taz wouldn't be commentator, fire Knux, stop pushing Hardy at least one year and the X Division would be the focus of the show at least for half a year.
  12. Go away.
  13. You are clearly a terrible businessman then. The potential of TNA far exceeds its current value, so unless you just fancy yourself a retard why not fix the product, improve its worth and then sell it?

  14. I was just kidding, I would get rid of the shitheads like Hulk, Brooke, and sting. I'd also fire Dixie and get a completely new creative team and commentating crew.
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  15. You probably weren't kidding... but the nonetheless
  16. I dont know if all this is possible or not but im just saying what i think is probably realistic.

    *fire bishoff and kurt angle (maybe re hire him after rehab and he is completly sober)
    *fire brooke hogan and ask hulk to take a 90% pay cut or leave
    *arange a cross promotion match with wwe for sting vs taker at mania rather let him go for free and them make all the money from it
    *fire the mma guys
    *sign matt hardy and road dogg and billy gunn and then have the hardy boyz, the dudley boyz, the new age outlawz, bad inluence and LAX all competing for the tag titles
    *Stop the shit joseph park gimmick and make it so abyss is the person who is around and actually have him in a couple of decent TV title feuds
    *get manic to lose the x division title to kenny king and have the non title x divison matches to be elimination
    *Aj styles to be heavyweight champion and have the other main even guys to be austin aries,bobby roode,james storm and every now and then bully and jeff
  17. Bang Dixie and Hemme.

    Seriously though, pretty much with everyone else. Hogans, MMA dudes, other worthless hacks would all be thrown out the door.
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  18. Fire Hulk, Dixie, Brooke obviously.
    No more Chavo.
    Sign talent from Indy promotions (trying for Colt too)
    Bring back the TV title with more meaning.
    De push Hardy
    Have veteran put over up and comers
    Bring back the 6 sided ring!
  19. Turn TNA into UFTNA and combine the UFC roster with TNA. Open Fight Night consists of an MMA portion and wrestling portion. 30 minutes of the wrestling portion is promos including Hulk and Brooke.
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