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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jul 14, 2016.

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    This is just a fun game to play which basically will express your personalty through the game.
    Go through the list below and fill it in according to what type of gym you'd have, main Pokemon, type, looks, ect.
    (Your main Pokemon must match the the typing of the gym)
    Just copy/paste and fill it in.

    Leader Name:
    Type (Pokemon):
    Badge Name:
    Main Pokemon:
    Hair/Eye Color:
    Clothing Style:
    Location (type):
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  2. Leader Name: Britanica
    Type (Pokemon): Normal
    Badge Name: Cat's Claw Badge
    Main Pokemon: Persian
    Hair/Eye Color: Dark Brown, Green
    Clothing Style: Bohemian/Boho
    Career/Profession: Poet/Writer
    Location (type): Forrest/Valley
    Personality: Quiet

  3. Been thinking about posting this idea in the Pokemon thread because I saw a lot of people make videos about it.

    Leader Name: Bay (Not Bae)
    Type (Pokemon): Water Type
    Badge Name: "The Shore Badge"
    Picture I found online: [​IMG]
    Main Pokemon: I'll go one better, I'll state my team. (Gym number I say....6th)

    First: Lombre
    Level 37
    Ability Swift Swim
    Energy Ball
    Rain Dance
    Fake Out

    Second: Gyarados
    Level 38
    Ability: Intimidate
    Aqua Tail
    Ice Fang
    Rain Dance

    Final Member and my Ace: Kingdra
    Level 41
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Dragon Pulse
    Smoke Screen

    Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Blue
    Clothing Style: Blue t-shirt with a necklace of a dragon scale. Light tan, black shorts and water shoes.
    Career/Profession: Boat Racer and Nature activist (#SaveTheMagikarp)
    Location (type): A coastal Beach Town. Gym leads to a dock area.
    Personality: Caring and friendly, but at the same time can be cocky and will tease you a bit.
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