If you were a wrestler....

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  1. If you were a wrestler.... What would your entrance music be?
    Don't ask me why, but I love this song, so this would be mine ::
  2. :haha: @ Kids Bop... They still make them! :dawg:
  3. Google the lyrics to that song. They changed it so much that they've become even more of a laughing stock :lol1:
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  4. I know this is Hardy's old theme but I love it. I think it would represent my character.

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    This is the third what if entrance thread :hmm:
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  9. You would change every single time you have to wrestle.
  10. And when you turn heel:
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    Depends what gimmick I have, really.

    Bad-Ass Heel: (think Paige but less hair-involved moves)

    From the hood/ghetto gimmick:

    Super Happy Fun Time Babyface Female Cena + Randomness like Xavier Woods and Emma So Basically Me IRL

    (starting from chorus)

    generic shitty diva pop that I would probably be forced have
    (the third song called "Get Out Stay Out")
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  12. Wait, wait, I change my slut gimmick theme to this. Might as well be an awesome slut. :obama:


  13. I don't want frequent changing of songs so here you go haha. :emoji_grin: